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Captain James Stewart

Name James Stewart

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5Ft 7"
Weight 145LBs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color brown
Physical Description James is five feet seven inches tall and has brown eyes and short black hair and weigh in at 140lbs and is 37 years old


Spouse Katana Rochelle Stewart
Children Isla Stewart
Father James Stewart snr
Mother Liz Stewart
Brother(s) Eric Stewart

Personality & Traits

Hobbies & Interests His hobbies are Archery, swimming

Personal History James was born in 2360 to Liz and James Stewart Snr, James Snr was a retired Starfleet captain who had returned home 3 years previously to his wife Liz who was now happy with their bundle of joy and hopes that her husband was home for good, however with Starfleet nothing meant for good with them. In 2364 His Brother Eric was born and now has a sibling to grow up with and look out for, a responsibility he now had to bear.

In 2365 James entered Samuel Lennox High school for boys where for the first few months of his first term had been reasonably quiet as he got to know his classmates. It wasn’t until the second term that he fell out with one of the other boys called Jeff Alexander after James had beat him at athletics the following month this led to a feud between the two boys for the next 3 years.

Now it is 2370 and James is attending Jean Luc Picard High school whilst his younger brother Eric is attending his old school. But with his rival following him to the same school, James took this as another challenge to overcome and to push himself to be the best. In 2373 James and Jeff came to blows after James had asked one of the young ladies by the name of Penelope Crane to the dance before Jeff had, this had upset Jeff that the two fought. The two lads had to be separated and were taken before the Headmaster and threatened with expulsion if they did not end this feud.

When in 2373 the feud reignited once more when Jeff smashed James’s hover car and James retaliated with one and the other getting back at the other until both men were arrested for destroying each other’s property and were taken to court. During the hearing, James’s father and Jeff’s father both agreed that the best place for both was at Starfleet Academy in two years’ time and that both would do their time working for James’s father. The Judge agreed to the recommendation with the Stipulation that should both men be brought before him again then the deal was off.

[Starfleet Academy]

In 2376 the two men entered the Academy after making a pact to keep them out of trouble, but still maintain the competitive nature between themselves, so over the next four years both James and Jeff had been getting one up on each other and treating each other with respect, With James outshining Jeff in the weapons tests and Jeff equalling James in the physical tests they pushed each other to the limit.


In 2380 James’s first assignment was that of the USS Liberty in Security, his first mission involved an underwater city that was losing power and having to rescue the inhabitants, this being his first away mission he found it a challenge. More than he expected when the dome collapsed leaving both him and the resident trapped. Luckily for both of them, they found equipment. That helped them to survive long enough to be rescued.

For the next few years, the Liberty had been sent on a few Diplomatic missions ferrying VIP’s to and from conferences and medical runs as well, in 2384 James received a Promotion to Lieutenant Jg and with it a new assignment to the USS Castle.

In 2386 James received word that he was to be assigned to the USS Victory and with it came a promotion to that of Full Lieutenant and the position of Chief Security officer, It was during this time that he had found out that his brother had been rather stupid enough to get a Klingon woman named T'Leigh Pregnant and that he was to be an uncle. Then Came the Call from his first assignment, The USS Liberty came calling in 2387 and the Rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Shortly after that James met Katana Rochelle and fell madly in love with her whilst on Risa where without realizing what she had done, she initialized the Klingon mating ritual with him and to stop her from going mad as his brother put it, he had no choice but to follow up with mating with her.

it was during a mission with the Liberty that James came across a wrecked Vulcan ship and inside a stasis pod was a 15-year girl, upon opening the pod, they found that she had no memory of her past or family, James knew that she needed a stable family unit and asked Starfleet to allow him and Katana to adopt her and give her what she needed. he then sent her to Betazed university to get her schooling until she turned 18.

When she did, James had already enrolled her with Starfleet Academy after receiving reports of her grades, he sponsored her entrance into the academy.

Over the next three years, James had shown leadership capabilities and when the XO of the liberty was reassigned to his own ship, James was asked if he would like the role, Now the year is 2393 and whilst was on R&R James was staying with his new family getting to know Eric's wife and new daughter, Admrail Riseman visited their home and offered the centre seat to James of the USS Churchill.
Service Record 2376-2377 Basic training Starfleet Academy
2377-2378 Small weapons training- Starfleet Academy
2378-2379 Large weapons training- Starfleet Academy
2379-2380 Security training- Starfleet Academy

2380- 2384- Ensign –Security Officer- USS Liberty
2384-2386- LT JG- Security Officer- USS Castle
2386- 2387 LT Chief Security Officer- USS Victory
2387-2389- Lt Cmdr. - Chief Security- USS Liberty
2389-2393 Cmdr. - Executive Officer USS Liberty
2393-Pres Captain- CO USS Churchill