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Ensign Elsa Veillon

Name Elsa Veillon

Position Security Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (ex-Borg)
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 1.85m
Weight 80kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Elsa Veillon is a human female Liberated Borg with a replacement left eye, tubule and Borg node attached to her head.


Father Tyrel Belmont (adopted)
Mother Delilah Belmont (adopted)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elsa Veillon is fiercely independent, ever since her liberation from the Collective she has striven to reassert her independence whilst serving in Starfleet,. Elsa Veillon can be from time to time a bit of a loner, preferring to be on her own having spent 9 long years as part of the Collective.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Enhanced Strength
+ Enhanced Speed
+ Enhanced Intelligence
+ Mission Focused

- A Loner
- Can become too mission focused
- Liberated Borg and thus can draw other Borg to the USS Winston Churchil
Ambitions Elsa Veillon main ambition is to prover herself a capable and loyal officer in Starfleet, and to prove that just because she was once Borg doesn't mean that she is what the Borg made her a mindless machine.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies & Interests:

Reading books
Studying Starfleet Manuals

Personal History Elsa Veillon was born on Earth, somewhere in San Diego, in the year 2362. Her father was never part of her life, and her mother was a professional adult entertainer. From the age of 3 Elsa Veillon saw little of her mother who was so busy making a living working in her field of endeavour.

In 2368 Elsa Veillon was placed in the 'care' of the authorities after her mother upped and disappeared, without a trace, in mysterious circumstances. For the next six years Elsa Veillon spent half of the time living on the streets and the other half in Foster homes and group homes, none of them suited her needs, she preferred the relative freedom of living rough and associating with kids like herself.

Elsa Veillon was far from a model citizen, she had numerous run-ins with the law, her young age, and the fact that people felt sorry for her, kept her out of serious strife with the authorities. She had learned to steal to survive; she could spot the undercover security officers roaming the streets, and warn others of the impending arrival of trouble, she was the lookout for a gang of thieves on numerous heists.

In 2374, Elsa Veillon’s run of good fortune appeared to have run out, when she was detained having broken into a rather swish apartment searching for several ‘items’ that belonged to someone else, believing that these items had been taken from her ‘friend’, unaware of the fact that he just wanted them for himself. Elsa Veillon’s good fortune had indeed run out, in terms of avoiding the authorities, but the owners of the apartment didn’t press charges, they did something that for Elsa Veillon was much, much worse, they forgave her and took her into their home.

Elsa Veillon at first resisted being ‘taken’ in by Tyrel and Delilah Belmont, as they weren’t her parents, but soon they had won her over, they treated her like she wanted to be treated, their love came with no conditions, and best of all they did not ignore her whenever she had an issue they listened, that didn’t mean she got all that she wanted, but at least they had taken the time to hear her out.

In 2380 the Elsa Veillon that applied to the Starfleet academy was not the same Elsa Veillon who had been ‘adopted’ by the Belmont family, she was barely recognizable. Elsa Veillon was now a 6ft tall young woman with neat dark brown hair and matching brown eyes, the scruffy unkempt young girl had transformed into a beautiful young woman who had shed her past and changed totally.

In 2384 Elsa Veillon graduated from the Academy with the rank of Ensign in Security, and she was duly assigned to the USS Melbourne-B a Sovereign class starship, where she served for the next two years without incident, her reports from the Captain were complimentary.

In 2386 Elsa Veillon was sent on an away mission with two Starfleet Medical personnel to investigate the medical mysteries of a Federation colony in the Beta Quadrant. When the shuttle arrived there was no apparent signs of life on the planet, all of the buildings were abandoned. Elsa Veillon went scouting ahead to find out where the odd footprints led, but soon the trail went cold, and as she returned to the settlement, the medical personnel had disappeared. In searching for the pair of medics Elsa Veillon found them in an abandoned hut, looking rather pale and mumbling about something, Elsa Veillon soon realized what they were mumbling about, when she was seized from behind and injected with nanoprobes.

During the period 2386-95 Elsa Veillon was known as Three of Nine, Secondary Adjunct of Trimatrix 266, she was a general purpose drone within the remnants of the Borg Collective. Elsa Veillon’s tenure as a mindless zombie came to an end when Borg Probe 1186 was disabled in an ion storm, which disabled the Probe, and killed or damaged beyond repair all but Elsa Veillon aboard, she was ‘rescued’ by a Federation starship.

In 2396 Elsa Veillon now liberated from her Borg existence, joined the crew of the USS Winston Churchill, once more as an Ensign in the Security division.
Service Record 2380-84: Starfleet Academy
2384-86: Ensign in Security USS Melbourne-B
2386-95: Borg Drone: Three of Nine aboard Probe 1186
2396-: Ensign in Security USS Winston Churchill