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Lieutenant Jamie McGowan

Name Jamie Lynn McGowan

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 145
Hair Color red
Eye Color blue
Physical Description McGowan is physically fit and regularly engages in exercise, and is quite curvy. She has no scars or tattoos, and wears her hair long, to her waistline. Her hair is thick, curly, and red, and grows quite fast for a human.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Samuel Robert McGowan
Mother Anabelle Lee Boyd
Brother(s) Michael, Andrew
Sister(s) Jessica, Cassie

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jamie is generally introverted and tends to keep to herself, and has a very high IQ. She has a good sense of humor, and tends to think big picture, and sometimes can get lost in details, as she tends to be a perfectionist.
Strengths & Weaknesses *Strengths
-high IQ
-reads and processes information quickly
-thorough in her work
-high metabolism
-stronger than average for a female of her height/weight
-introverted, difficulty making friends
-tends to be a loner
-divests herself of a person if they betray her trust
Ambitions To be the best engineer and hopefully design her own ships someday.
Hobbies & Interests Jamie enjoys reading technical and engineering manuals in her off time, building with building bricks, hiking, tae kwon do, mecha, and sentai.

Personal History Jamie was born in Charleston, SC January 19, 2380 to her parents Samuel and Anabelle, both of whom have strong Scottish ancestry. They were farmers and she grew up tending animals and developed an early aptitude for fixing the machines on the farm. She has two brothers and two sisters, who encouraged her working on machines and taking extra engineering and programming courses and summer camps, where she was noticed by several Starfleet recruiters, and was able to join when she was 17. She went on hunting trips with her family out in the woods, and took a summer trip to Vulcan when she was 13, and to New Britannia when she was 16.

Growing up she had a few boyfriends, but the relationships would last at most 6 months, as the guys she knew couldn't keep up with her IQ, or would try to push her to do things she wasn't ready to do yet. She was self-conscious of her appearance, but when she grew up she began dressing to show off more.

While at the Academy, she immediately went to the engineering track and spent as much time as possible studying for her classes, earning high marks, but having trouble making friends, despite her Zoharan and Orion roommate's attempts to the contrary.

Once she graduated, McGowan went to the USS South Carolina for a tour of duty in 2391 near Earth. Her sisters got married, and she was luckily able to attend while her ship was near Earth. With her service record, she was promoted to Lt, JG in 2393 and assigned to work on the Quantum Transporter Project with Lt. Cdr. Robert Cleburne, ten years her senior, and the two became quite close. The project attempted to use a quantum matrix to try to transport objects and people between planets, which would revolutionize space travel, despite the planets moving at different speeds. He had been a chief engineer on the USS Virginia for five years before transferring over to the QTP, his pet project. Through entanglement with a star, he hoped to transport people between planets, but when he finally reached the test phase, an energy overload from a solar flare caused the matrix to explode, vaporizing him and injuring McGowan.

When she awoke, she and the doctors, including a Betazoid, discovered Cleburne hadn't died, but had merged with her. His memories and thoughts were in her head, and she had increased bone and muscle density, increased metabolism and oxygen intake, giving her physical ability on par with a man of the same height and moderate exercise levels, but needing to eat more than she used to to keep up with her new metabolism. Her tastes had changed and she found herself giving glances to women in addition to men now. She had to work on deciphering which memories were hers, but once she had, she was declared fit for duty. Her family was concerned for her, but she told them she was okay when she convalesced at her family's farm. She just wanted to get back to what she was good at - fixing ships.
Service Record 2370 - Born in Charleston, SC
2387 - Joined Starfleet Academy
2391 - Graduated Starfleet as an Ensign in top 5% of her class
2393 - Promoted to Lt, JG
2394 - Participated in Quantum Transporter Experiment with Robert Cleburne; lab accident merged the two together
2395 - Deemed fit for duty, served at Utopia Planitia Shipyards in ship design until a tour of duty became available
2396 - Promoted to Lt, assigned Chief Engineer of Churchill