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Lieutenant Boris Hendon

Name Boris Hendon

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 10
Weight 100kh
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Boris has short hair with a beard and moustache. He has blue eyes and thin eye brows. A slender nose sits in the centre of his face.
He has a muscular frame with powerful legs. Good upper body strength and powerful arms.
Likes non formal dress like tee’s and jeans always wears light colours.


Spouse Alice nee Chase
Children Tom (7)
Lisa (7)
Father William Hendon (66) Lecturer
Mother Sally Hendon (64) Homemaker & Busy body.
Brother(s) Tom ( 40 ) School Teacher
Steven ( 37 ) Artist
David ( 36 ) Chef
Sister(s) Nadia ( 30 ) Kelp farmer
Jane ( 30 ) Music Teacher
Other Family Diana , Clare and Mary Married to older brothers.
Janet married to Jane.

Personality & Traits

General Overview When you first meet Robert you can’t help but wonder. Is this guy really a doctor? He looks more like a bodybuilder. In fact he would seem better. Holding a Phaser rather then a scalpel.

He has a very good sense of humour. But you get the feeling he maybe trying to hard to be liked. This may come from his rather competitive childhood.

Although he has got over his shyness. Robert can be a little nervous around others. He tries to hide this by telling anecdotes which are always true. A very cultured man but due to his rather large family. Always striving to better himself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:- Easy going always helpful. Photographic memory. A good friend to all. He is a great cook as well. Brilliant sense of humour and good story teller.

Weaknesses:- Can get depressed. Tendency to overthink things. Can sometimes be a little jealous. Worries over silly things.
Ambitions He would love to find a cure for the common cold. To be remembered for treating something and curing it.

He has never really fancied the centre seat or the XO spot. He would rather be one of the guys in the background. Working for the common good
Hobbies & Interests He loves to collect old Crime Stories.He also loves to write stories. Likes to play the piano. Mostly classical stuff like Chopin and Elton John.


Loves old Earth Television of the 20th-21st century. Including the original NCIS , Chicago PD and The Rookie. Also likes to read actual paper books. Plus Holo novels.

Personal History Early years:-

Due to a plasma fire in the central records storage area. All records of Boris birth was lost. His parents could never agree were he was born. Although they agreed he was born in Madrid , Spain

When Boris was two his family moved to Cambridge England. Where his father became a senior lecturer in literature. He also changed the family name to Hendon from Don Hendos . This caused a family feud that ended. In a vast amount of wine being drunk.

Boris developed a photographic memory at the age of five. That helped him with his studies. Allowing him to do well in school.

But growing up with three older brothers meant little Boris was always in their shadow. So he tried to do the same things they did but better. Including riding a horse bareback when his brothers. Went horse riding one day. Little Boris attempted to do a jump but fell off. Breaking his arm , causing his mother to tear her hair out.

He did very well in school. Showing a natural aptitude toward botany.

High school & teen years:-

Hendon attended one of Britain’s top schools that boasted a long history. With some very notable ex students. He enjoyed swimming which he excelled at and soccer.

He was often seen helping the other students with their work. In fact it was believed Boris would become a teacher. But a bad soccer tackle ended with his friend. Breaking his leg in a very bloody way. While the other team members threw up. Hendon did not appear squeamish. Instead he was curious. He started to show an interest in biology and human anatomy.

Overcome with joy his mother gently pushed him. To become a doctor.

He never really had time for any serious girlfriends. Preferring to work on getting good grades. He did have a few lady friends. One was Alice who he was very sweet on. They broke up but re-met a few years later. Realising nothing had changed between them. They got engaged and were happily married a year later. Three years after that Alice became pregnant with twins. A boy and girl who they called Tom and Petra.

Boris loved anything to do with science. He would often drive his doctor mad. Asking how her day went. Begging his mother when she was pregnant with twin sisters.To use a scanner on her so he could study the unborn Fetus.

University and Starfleet Academy:-

Hendon left school with extremely high grades. He attended college where his father made him. Study two subjects just in case he failed at one. Science and sports. He did very well at both and was Captain of his college swimming team. Moved on to University were he studied science. Specialising in Biology , Medical and Botany. He did excellent in all three subjects. Graduating with full honours.

He moved onto medical school. Were he did exceptionally well. Qualifying as a doctor in record time.

But got angry when his mother kept pushing. Potential wives at him. Because she wanted him to get married now that he had no more studies. Hendon was ok with having a girlfriend. But he wanted to find the love of his life on his own terms. Plus he felt it would be better to be settled in employment first. Family later.

It was while he was working in a local hospital. That a non human patient was brought in. When he finished helping the team. Who worked on the alien. Boris was hooked he decided to join Starfleet.

While at the academy he became quite friendly. With a fellow female vulcan Cadet. But things never matured after her father died and she left. He later discovered she died from Bendii Syndrome.

After four years of study. Hendon did very well graduating with top marks in Medical and as a second subject just in case security. He also majored in vetanarian surgery.
Service Record Graduated full honours.
USS Cygnus
USS Leto