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Lieutenant JG Jane Twicepot

Name Jane Twicepot

Position Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft
Weight 90kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark green
Physical Description Jane is tall and has short dark hair. She has a muscular frame with powerful legs. Good upper body strength and powerful arms. Very rarely smiles.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Pat
Mother Morah
Brother(s) Bill (23)
Roger (20)
Sister(s) Janet (15)
Polly (12)
Other Family Various

Personality & Traits

General Overview : It is a wonder how a woman like Jane got through the Academy. She can be as sweet as sugar but piss her off and you better run. She takes after her fathers family and has a mean Irish temper.

She keeps her personal business to himself. But get in trouble and she will have your back. Loyal to her crew mates. Does not make friends easily. But if you do become her friend.She will be there for you. Don’t piss her off though.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:- Dry sense of humor and tuff as nails.

Weaknesses:- Bad tempered , sometimes rude. Does not take criticism well.
Ambitions To make it to Lieutenant.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:-

Likes to paint and enjoys a good swim.


Wrestling of the 20th to 21st century.

Personal History Early years:-

Pat Twicepot Jane's father emigrated to Australia from Ireland, following a disagreement with his family. That he was a no good bum incapable of becoming anything. In the new country he did very well being away from the family. He became quite a good engineer and did very well for himself. He soon caught the eye of Morah, the local school teacher. Against her fathers wishes they married or had to know what I mean.

No sooner had they set up home in the town or Lucindale than along came Jane. Her mother always said she was born with her little fists clenched. Because getting into fights seemed to be her thing. She soon became known as the terror of Lucindale at the age of four. More children soon arrived and little Jane soon showed them who's boss. Her mother started to worry about their eldest. But her husband just said she has a bit of my side in her.

Education & teen years:-

If her mother thought Jane was a problem as a baby. When she hit puberty things really turned nasty. Soon Jane was expelled from her first school for setting fire to the school bully's hair. The next school another girl made the mistake of trying to bully Jane. That girl was discovered pegged out on the sports field naked and covered in blue paint. Finally her father confessed there was a problem and they sent Jane to Military school. After many fights and punishments things started to get through. Slowly Jane began to change into a better student. This was put down to the school’s physical training teacher who turned Jane's love of hitting people. Into something more practical by introducing her to boxing. Finally something Jane was good at and she won plenty of awards.

Starfleet Academy:-

It was after a school visit to the academy that Jane's interest in Starfleet got started. She knew that her Boxing career would have a short lifespan. Plus injuries go to be permanent as you become older. Jane did not wish to look 50 when she was really 25. So she began looking into other areas including Starfleet.

The first year was a lot tougher for her then Military school. Plus beating up another Cadet did not help. She was almost kicked out but thankfully it was proved she was deliberately provoked. Being given one last warning Jane stayed on but took up boxing again. So if a teacher or student pissed her off it was a punch bag she hit not someone’s face.

This worked and three years later albeit by the skin of her teeth she graduated. Not with full honors but enough to get her a ship.

Service Record Graduation.
Served as combat instructor at Academy.
Temporary assigned to Vulcan Embassy on Earth as Security Guard.
Reprimand for conduct unbecoming.