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Lieutenant Callisi Veera

Name Callisi Veera

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ts'usugi
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6" (6'6" with ears)
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color White Fur (Brown Shocks for Highlights)
Eye Color Blue (No Reflection)
Physical Description Callisi is a very well put-together, very well proportioned humanoid creature resembling an uplifted earth creature called a Rabbit. She has soft grey fur covering her entire form, the traditional 'cotton puff' spade shape of a tail, and lengthy ears that perk when she's listening, and flop when she's not. A quirk of Ts'usugi eyes causes them to not reflect light, and as such her remaining blue eye seem almost like an endless pool that one could drown in, if they so choose. Her right eye is artificial, lost in a combat to an enemy nation. It was replaced with an obviously artificial eye, more drone than flesh. She hates it, but for some reason hasn't replaced it yet.

Scarring around the replacement eye is nicely concealed by the patch.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Ju Veera
Mother Tsui Veera (Deceased
Brother(s) Suuji Veera (Younger)
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Callisi is an ace that was injured in combat, received an exceptional piece of equipment as a replacement for her eye, and hates how it looks. Her pride and her personal view of herself took a hit when the eye in her socket went online. She'd easily remove it, so much of her life was changed due to that prosthetic that now it's a part of her image of herself. To have it replaced with a natural eye would only bruise her ego more. Thus, she hides her shame behind a patch.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her pride and her ego are the source of her drive and passion. She throws herself at everything she does and gives 110%. Though, that same pride and ego stop her from admitting that a simple crack in the tea cup doesn't mean the cup is ruined. To embrace the differences and accept what you can't change is the next step to making her whole again.

She's impulsive, hot tempered, and quick to scorn though Ts'usugi protocol demands she not show it. A powder keg...

Callisi has been diagnosed by Ts'usu medical practitioners as having Class 1 Operational Fatigue, no doubt from her time in service to the Empire. Her file does not include what she did, aside from the fact that that is where she lost her eye.
Ambitions Aside from 'Coming to terms with her lot in life', her ambition is to lead. Whether she's ready for it or not is for others to decide.
Hobbies & Interests She loves movies and cinema, though for obvious reasons, movies about cyborgs, robots becoming living beings, or living beings becoming robots don't sit too well with her.

When she's not turning off historical human cinema, she likes to hit the gym to keep herself in shape.

Personal History Callisi has a history of a shuttle pilot, doing drops behind enemy territory back wherever she called home. It was during one of these sorties that she received the injury that took away her flight credentials and grounded her. Not to be deterred, she switched to the Ops program to at least salvage something of her shattered military career.

Her presence in Starfleet is mostly due to an outreach program to acclimate her people to the concepts and ideals of the Federation as a whole. There's a social fear of losing their cultural heritage and identity, so the Empire of Ts'usu is looking to 'test the waters' before they commit to an alliance.
Service Record Most of Callisi's early life is hidden behind the Ts'usugi notion of less-is-more disclosure. While there are records of her attending her required Primary and Secondary classes, and the grades that she received, the names of these facilities are not disclosed. From the reports, though, she excelled. How much of that is scholastic opportunity and how much is ambition is hard to say.

In 2384 she was called to serve in the Ts'usu Navy, as all citizens are. All citizens aged 16-18 must serve at least one term (Three years) in service, and Callisi put it off to finish her schooling. She was a transport specialist, a computer adept, and an ace pilot. While on a mission (Details redacted), she received her injury to her eye which facilitated her getting the prosthetic she feels so strongly about. After her tour, and a year to recovery she took the opportunity to distance herself from Ts'usugi society for a while and applied at Starfleet. Graduating in 2392 she took to the Operations track, having a knack for computer operation and upkeep. Her training tour aboard the USS Carbuncle went smooth and by the numbers, and while she certainly got her fair share of looks and glances, she handled herself rather well. In 2396, she was recommended for a transfer up in Operations aboard the USS Churchhill.