New Home

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On Stardate 239607.08 USS Winston Churchill; Luna-class Vessel destined for the Delta Quadrant Prepares for its maiden voyage; Having arrived at Deep Space Nine to pick up his new ship and meet his crew, Captain James Stewart takes command of the USS Winston Churchill; Their first mission to Camalot station is one of supply and also the ships shakedown cruise to iron out the bugs within the refitted vessel and to get to know one other and the question is What could go wrong?

Milk Run

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After a few weeks of R &R for the crew at Traken Station; on Stardate 236910.05 Captain Stewart is tasked to deliver some consoles to the New Academy at Starbase new haven along with some new Cadets that need transport to the Academy. Upon its Journey to New Haven, the Churchill receives an SOS from an unknown vessel with medical supplies for a planet in dire need called Draconis 3, the Churchill heads at full speed to try and save lives.

More trouble at Draconis

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Whilst at Draconis 3, Planet Draconis 4 Contacts the Churchill to ask why they are in the system and why they are at Draconis 3; Captain Stewart informs the President of Draconis 4 that there was a medical emergency and was asked for help to bring medical supplies here. The President of Draconis 4 tells Captain Stewart to leave the System as he is Governor of the System and that he does not want outsiders in the system. It soon comes to light of what happened on Draconis 3 was caused by Draconis 4

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