Posted on Sat Apr 2nd, 2022 @ 9:16pm by Lieutenant Jamie McGowan

399 words; about a 2 minute read

"Personal Log...I don't know the date. But I'm arriving on the Luna class ship, USS Winston Churchill.

It's been several months since my accident and I'm doing great. I had plenty of time with my family and Starfleet sent several telepaths to rummage through my mind to verify that I'm okay. Ever since the accident, though, distance telepathy doesn't really work well on me by most telepaths, which I guess is a blessing in disguise.

Mom and dad were happy I was okay, and I had plenty of corn bread, chili, black-eyed peas, and collards like we had growing up. They did notice a few little quirks...fidgeting with things with my hands...eating even numbers of the peanuts mom had out...little phrases...that I never did before. I let 'em know it was a side effect of the accident. It didn't make me not me, just a merger of a few of the little quirks of Lt. Cdr. Cleburne so that I could function without talking to myself, having two personalities in my head. Whatever the reason, both were just happy I was home."

She walked out of the temporary quarters on the New Orleans class USS Metairie to grab something from the mess and returned to her quarters to continue recording.

"Alana suggested that recording more logs would help with my recovery, so here I am. I also found out that the Starbase that got hit with that quantum fissure did take a few officers with it...a Lt. Taggert and Lt. Dougherty. It's a shame to lose fellow engineers like that, but space is never safe. Maybe they're in a cool alternate reality where the first old Enterprise is something like twice the size for no reason with ugly, lumpy nacelles and a tiny engineering hull that's too far forward, and little spotlights shine in everyone's eyes...or one where the Borg won at Wolf 359...or one where the 19th and 20th century changed so much that everything's different but so similar it's eery. I don't know. I think too much sometimes."

Jamie looked out the window and saw her ship coming into view. She adjusted her uniform to make sure it was straight. She looked at herself, adjusted her hair a bit, and admired her appearance, then caught herself doing it.

"I'm just about ready to go. My new ship awaits. End log."



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