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On Our Way

Posted on Fri Jan 20th, 2023 @ 11:53pm by Lieutenant Commander Amelia Gordon

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Amelia sat in her quarters, sipping a cup of tea as she thought about the day so far. "Computer, begin personal log" The computer beeped to acknowledge and she sat back.

"Well, the launch was certainly not what I expected. I mean it was, the leaving and starting off on our journey part at least, But the news that most of our supplies had been, well, misappropriated and were on their way to DS9 was a bit of a shock. How does a ship's quartermaster not realize that have a lot more than they should. I mean, they HAD to know and just said the hell with it, they sent it and we keep it??

I just hope the supplies for science are all there and haven't been damaged. That would make me very upset. Well, more upset than I am right now."

Amelia sighed as her thoughts moved to the now postponed and cancelled projects she had been looking forward to starting.

"Our current status in science is pretty much 'on hold' for the most part. Most of the team is spending time doing research, Some of which has already been done, but with nothing else to do it at least keeps them busy. At least we have DS9 to look forward to. I've never been there so it should be interesting."

"Computer end Log"

The computer beeped again and Amelia sat back and closed her eyes.


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