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New Day New Position

Posted on Mon Jan 10th, 2022 @ 2:40am by

501 words; about a 3 minute read

Mission: New Home
Location: Vulcan
Timeline: SD239608.06 MD1


As Valerie entered Sickbay, T'Mena was in the Chief Medical Office going through all of Dr Sheldon's notes and updating the system on all the medical files etc. She looked up seeing a young lady just outside the office, she knew the young lady from the time she was a borg drone.

====/\ Flashback to the day of the rescue /\======
As a drone, she cared for Valerie as a drone child. After the disconnection from the collective, she went looking for the drone children and they were in the nursery and they were scared. One drone a young girl asked "What's happening?"
"I don't know," replied Six of Ten. "I am scared too. Come here."

Some of these children were assimilated as children and some were born as drones. She gathered them together and made sure they were safe. Many Starfleet officers just shot at them and Six of Ten retaliated, "That was my child," she screamed in the face of one of the officers, that she punched. Another came to the aid of the one she punched helping him up and then he lowered his weapon. Six of Ten watched him and as he lowered his weapon, she lowered her arms. They talked and he gave the order to get Six of Ten and the drone children back to the ship.

=====/\ Fade back to current time with transports/\=====
Valerie walked towards the office. She touched the CMO on the shoulder and snapped T'Mena out of the flashback. "Are you alright?" she asked.
T'Mena looked at Valerie, "Yes, I flashedback to the day we were rescued. You were a little girl then. How are you doing?"
"I am good. I have been assigned here for Medical duties, here are my orders," Valerie replied and handed T'Mena her orders.
"Welcome to the Churchill, I'll do your physical and then you can report to the captain," said T'Mena.
"Yes, ma'am," smiled Valerie. She put her things to the side and jumped a biobed. She waited for T'Mena to come.

T'Mena walked to the biobed and started to do tricorder scans then said "Lie down, Valerie."

Valerie did as asked. T'Mena looked at the results and Valerie's neural pathways were odd. "When was the last time you regenerated?" Valerie squirmed under T'Mena's gaze, "Valerie?" she said sternly. Valerie knew she wasn't going to get away with having not regenerated for a while.
"I don't actually remember," squirmed Valerie.
"Valerie, if you don't regenerate. Starfleet will lock us up again. You don't want to give them an excuse," stressed T'mena. "But on a lighter note, you can sleep in a normal bed, most of the time. I think once a month regeneration should be fine."
"Yes, ma'am," said Valerie.
"And first off, you need to regenerate for about a week to bring your neural pathways health up and then you can start work...That's an order!"
"Yes. ma'am, sighed Valerie. Valerie left for her quarters to regenerate.

T'Mena sighed as she watched Valerie leave.



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