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Welcome chief

Posted on Mon Jan 10th, 2022 @ 12:37pm by Captain James Stewart

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Mission: New Home
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: SD:239607.24 10:30


After leaving Engineering; James made his way up to Sickbay for his required physical and also get to meet his Chief Medical Officer as he knew from past experience of how Medical could be with the CMO chasing you all over the ship just to do the physical; so, why not kill two birds with one stone as he found the nearest lift and entered it and said, "Sickbay,"

T'Mena was in Sickbay doing all the other crew member physicals as they came aboard. She was somewhat impressed that she didn't have to chase them down. At the moment, she had a gap in physicals so got to inputting the data as the new nursing staff hadn't arrived yet and she really needed them to as someone needed to do her physical.

James entered the Churchill's Sickbay and scanned the room and noticed that the medical staff had also not arrived yet; this was not good and was expecting a grumpy CMO. He would be calling Admiral Jensen shortly about this subject when he got back to his Ready room.

T'Mena looked up from her desk, "Good Morning, Captain," she said, in a quite a cheerful way for a Vulcan. As T'Mena was half-human and a former drone, the lack of discipline she had should be no surprise to anyone. The fact that she had no staff yet she wasn't going to let it bother her as she knew she would get some eventually.

"Good morning Lieutenant and nice to meet you?" replied James holding out his hand in greeting, he continued," I do hope you enjoy your time here on the Churchill," as he waited for her to respond. as he knew that having his required physical was part and parcel of taking command of the Churchill.

"And you as well. I read your file while I was on the way here along with the other seniors as well. Impressive to read, may i say," she said as she lifted her mug up to symbolise "Coffee, Captain?" while she spoke.

"Yes please," replied James looking back at his Chief medical officer, he asked," Everything alright in Sickbay?" as he wanted an update on the department so he knew what to ask for with his department review whilst the Churchill was awaiting crew.

"Well, my staff arriving would be nice. There is stock to take note of and all the physicals etc to get through," she said as she ordered the coffee, waited for it to be replicated, and handed one to the Captain. "On the whole, it is fine."

"I shall see to that when I speak with the Admiral," replied James as he knew that this was beginning to be a problem for him with crew turning up and his Chief Engineer leaving suddenly and hoped that they would be allowed out of space dock soon.

"Understood, sir."

"Well, whilst I am here I might as well have my Physical done," replied James as he looked back at his Chief Medical Officer. "so I can get on with ships business" as he knew that he still had a lot of work to do.

"Sure, jump up on the bed," she said, as she walked around her desk and picked up her medical tricorder. She also found the captain's medical record PaDD.

"So, Doctor," replied James, "Please, tell me about yourself?" as he slid upon the Bio-Bed, as he knew that getting to know his crew was the best thing for his senior staff and himself.

"Well, born on Vulcan, parents divorced when I was young, assimilated by the borg, rescued by Starfleet, yeoman to Ambassador T'Lani, and then serving Starfleet since. All the battle of it is in my file," she said bluntly. She didn't like talking about her life because it feels like being interrogated/counselled. She wished people wouldn't ask her to tell them about herself because it hurt too much.

"I understand, My brother is head of a Klingon house and I have to live by the code of Honour," replied James looking back at his Chief Medical officer, He continued, "I will keep your status as a freed Borg under wraps," as he made the promise to her.

"It not that it is hidden as my implants show. I can handle myself. I have been in Starfleet long enough to be appreciated or at least tolerated by people," said T'Mena. "I appreciate that you want to keep a lookout for your crew."

"It is about Honour and it will be looked at as my family will keep it," as he knew that Eric would see to it that the Klingons would treat her right as they would not piss of an ambassador who was a friend of the emperor.

T'Mena nodded, she didn't want to argue the case. She finished the captain's physical and got the notes updated. She released the captain from the biobed, "You can get up now!"

"Thank you, Lieutenant" replied James as he looked back at his Chief Medical Officer, he continued "well, I need to be doing off ship Business and all that" as he knew that the ship still had a lot more to do before they left spacedock.

T'Mena nodded and smiled. She then went to put his details in the file at the nursing station and moved on to the next patient.






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