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The Morning After...

Posted on Mon Aug 23rd, 2021 @ 10:15pm by Lieutenant Commander Michael Shanks & Lieutenant JG Isla Stewart
Edited on on Tue Aug 24th, 2021 @ 4:01pm

1,500 words; about a 8 minute read

Mission: New Home
Location: Engineering
Timeline: MD2 0730 hrs


As her father had requested it Isla made had her way to engineering to see the Chief Engineer about her prosthetic arm. She wasn’t having any problems with it but she knew an engineer was probably one of the best people to help if she did. Maybe she’d even be able to get her arm fine tuned to work better for her. Walking into engineering she paused and looked around.

"Hello, I see there is a beautiful young woman who appears to be lost in my engineering domain." Shanks stated upon seeing the lovely vision he had just seen a few hours ago as she left his quarters to get ready for her shift in ops.

“It’s nice to see you again Commander” Isla smiled warmly she’d enjoyed their night together, and was secretly hoping for more. “The Captain has requested that I come see you about my arm” She held up her hand which at a glance would pass as a normal hand. “It’s the latest generation prosthetic, I’m still getting used to it.”

"Well, I would give it a look but doesn't this really need to be a trip to Sickbay?" Shanks said with a firm yet pleasant grin on his face. He was not going to turn down a chance to spend even more time with the enchanting you lass. She has already proven she was a bold vixen and kept Shanks up most of the night with the proof of her abilities. "By the way, you would have never convinced me that you had a prosthetic arm."

Isla grinned. “Thank you, it’s designed to be practically indistinguishable from a real arm. I think my father just wanted to check that all is as it should be where the set up of my arm is concerned. I’ve got no complaints.”

"Well after last night, I have no complaints. But let me do a diagnostic scan and the pull up your records to see what if any changes may be detected." Shanks stated with an mischievous grin as he grabbed a tricorder to start scanning.

Isla grinned. “I’m not going anywhere, I’m happy to be right here.”

"I am not seeing anything so far in the scans of your arm." Shanks stated. "However, there are some readings coming from the scanner that indicated you have elevated hormones and lead me to say there are echoes of another lifeforce present."

Isla gave Shanks a surprised look. “I’m sorry? Could... could you double check that?”

"The readings show some sort of parasitic lifeform within you. The levels of hormones and antibodies would say you are carrying a child or a symbiote." Shanks replied.

“Wait... you’re saying that I’m... pregnant?!” Isla kept her voice low not wanting to blurt it out in front of others in engineering.

"I am one hundred percent sure that your arm is fine but the elevated antibodies in your system are what seems to be the issue and from what medical training I do have, the only cause of these levels are a foreign lifeform inside you." Shanks replied.

Isla nodded, it took a moment for her to process. “I err... I have to go to Sickbay for my medical anyway, I’ll see what the doctor says.

"Well, I am just as shocked as you are." Shanks replied. "I hope you are okay after the fun night we had, but I am certain you have been with child for a little bit. Go on to sickbay and get things checked out fully. I would still like to see you if you are up to it."

“You... you would?” Isla have Shanks a surprised smile. “Even if I’m pregnant?” She smiled warmly. “I would very much like to see you again too.”

"I have nothing against a pregnant woman unless the spouse has issues with her seeing someone, or in your case the father of the baby still being in the picture." Shanks stated as he did not know she had been with anyone else.

“My boyfriend Jason... he was killed during the same mission that I lost my arm” She hung her head for a moment before looking back at Michael. “It’s just me now, so if you’re happy to see me again I’d like that very much.”

"Well, I had never really thought about settling down but you are a delight and so I am game to see you in more than just a professional sense." Shanks replied. "I was not going to charge you for my time last night." He added in an attempt to get her to giggle some.

Isla grinned, she couldn’t help it. “Then just you wait until tonight, that’s if you’d like me to stop by again tonight?” She gave him a warm smile.

"Everybody's looking for love ain't that the reason you're at this club, You ain't gonna find a dance with him, no, no; Got a better solution for you girl
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In my head, it's going down. In my head break it down come on let's go.
You singing to me baby in my head right now, Come on. You'll be screaming out when it all goes down
Just leave with me now, say the word and we'll go, You'll be my teacher, You'll tie me with ropes, We'll see a side of love we've never known.
I can see it going down, going down, In my head, I see me all over you, In my head, I fulfill your fantasy, In my head, Ill be screaming more
In my head, it's going down, In my head, it's going down; In my head, I see you all over me, In my head, I fulfill your fantasy. In your head, I'll be screaming for more. In my head, it's going down, In your head, it's going down, It's going down in our heads." Mike sang to Isla as last night was something that was unlike anything he had ever had. He was used to one-night-stands and he figured this would be one, but he actually realizes he has feelings already for this beautiful woman and he is surprised because she is also with child and he still has feelings for her.

"How about that answer?" Shanks asked of Stewart.

Isla was grinning like the proverbial Cheshire Cat. “I love it! I truly do!” She looked around to see if they were alone before standing up and giving Michael a kiss on the cheek. “That’s for being the charming, wonderful man you are.”

"It is you, I am under some spell. I have never felt this way about anyone and yet we just met and I feel like I am meant to be with you." Mike replied as he was grinning from ear to ear as if he was just experiencing a crush be this was more intense. "It must be that ol' Black Magic you weave. Ay say ento pi alpha mabi upendi, Ay say ento pi alpha mabi upendi, in comma coriyama, in comma coriyama, Hey, Hey, High, High, say bye bye." Mike then leaned in and kissed Isla back on her cheek.

Isla couldn’t help but blush. “I’ll see you later tonight.”

"That works for me, I will make dinner at 2000 hours if you are game." Shanks replied. "I have a couple of new replicator dishes to try out."

Isla nodded. “I wouldn’t miss it, I’ll see you then.” With that she smiled a truly happy smile and headed on her way.

Shanks watched the beauty head away and loved the view he had. oO Bow Chicka Bow Bow Oo was the only thought he had.


Lieutenant Commander Michael Shanks
Chief Engineer
USS Winston Churchill


Lieutenant JG Isla Stewart
Chief Operations Officer / Chief Counselor
USS Winston Churchill


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