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Can we talk?

Posted on Mon Sep 20th, 2021 @ 10:14pm by Lieutenant Commander Katana Rochelle Stewart & Lieutenant JG Isla Stewart

718 words; about a 4 minute read

Mission: New Home
Location: First Officer’s office
Timeline: Prior to “Arrival Surprise”


Having organised her office just how she wanted it Isla made her way to see Katana. She and her adoptive mother were pretty close and when she needed someone to talk to Katana and her father were usually her first call. Making her way to the XO’s office she paused outside and pressed the chime.

"Enter" came the response. Katana was reading her PADD on the new Luna class specs.

Walking inside Isla offered a smile. “Hi mum! I hope I’m not catching you at an awkward time, Do you have a few minutes?”

Dropping her PADD, "Augusfratt!" she said, turning around she saw her daughter Isla....."Oh my Kahless! Isla how.....when....where...but..." not sure what else to say, Katana hugged her daughter tightly. "I am so happy to see you, but you didn't tell are here so that't be.......", Katana scrambled to look at the current roster. "You've been assigned here! As Chief Counselor! Oh my ....wait till your father finds out. But how?" Katanna asked, motioning her to sit.

Isla smiled as she took a seat. “The Wildcat is in for a full refit, the crew are being reassigned elsewhere so I accepted the position of Chief Counsellor here. It’s my first assignment as Chief.”

"This is wonderful news! I am bubbling with joy and anticipation to see your father's reaction. Your quarters are adequate? Your office?" Katana was tickled pink that her daughter was going to be with them.

Isla nodded and smiled. “From what I’ve seen of them so far they’re great. I tend to deck my office out with creature comforts anyway, I like to be comfortable and my patients will be comfortable too. I even have toys and books for a child’s corner.” She paused. “I lost someone mum, someone I loved very much!”

Katana's face changed, "I sense your loss daughter. It is a terrible thing to lose someone you loved. Who was he and how did it happen?" she asked, sitting down next to her daughter.

“His name was Jason” Isla sighed. “We were talking about getting married, having a family... I lost him! He was in engineering when the ship was attacked, .” She fought back the urge to cry. “He helped others get out, but he didn’t have time to get out himself.”

"Isla don't hold your tears. Let them go. You should practice what you preach daughter. You need to grieve. I know what it is to lose someone you love and it hurts terrible," Katana added. Putting her arm around her daughter, she could sense her emotions and pain that went with it.

Isla lay her head against her adoptive mother’s chest letting the tears she needed to cry flow. It took a few minutes before she finally let out what she’d needed to.

"I can sense something else that is weighing on your mind. What is it?" Katana asked her daughter.

Isla dried her eyes and looked at her mother, how was she to explain that she had a prosthetic arm? “Oh it’s... just me wondering how dad will take my being here. You do know he’ll expect you to be as surprised as he is?”

"No, there is more than that Isla. Your arm is not the problem I am talking about. Something drastic has happened. I can sense your to me daughter," Katana said lovingly.

Isla gave Katana a nod. “It’s just... I lost so many friends mum! Good people and Jason...” She shook her head. “All I could think about for a while was revenge! Then sadness and now I’m ready to move on and it doesn’t feel right.”

"Isla you don't need to tell me everything now. Just relax and......", Katana said as her computer chimed.

"This message is encrypted for security. Delivered to XO Katana Stewart," said the computer.

Katana gave her security code and then read the message. Frowning, "It seems your orders have been changed. You are to report directly to Starfleet headquarters yesterday," she said looking at her daughter. Go, we can talk via subspace later. Then you can tell me," Katana said as she kissed her daughter a quick good bye.



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