return Of James Stewart

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Mission: New Home
Location: Starfleet HQ
Timeline: SD 239607.23 09:25 MD1

“ Oh My God, James Stewart, as I live and breath,” replied Phillipa Jensen as she rose from the chair behind her desk, She continued,” What brings you to my door and why are you wearing that old thing?” James looked back at her as he moved towards her giving her a warm smile, He replied,” That’s nice when I go to see an old friend,” giving her a wink as he came to a halt in front of her and kissed her on both cheeks.

“You didn’t answer my question James?” she answered back looking at her friend, James knew that she had changed from friend to that of Vice-Admiral in her tone of voice. He replied,” Well, the main reason I’m here is to see you,” looking back at her as he continued,” and the reason I’m wearing my uniform is that I was wondering if that offer you made is still on the table,” as she raised an eyebrow and lent upon her desk.

“Please clarify about what offer I made to you?” she asked looking at him as she finished,” Commander?” using his rank instead of his first name, He responded,” The offer of my own command,” as she looked back at him that here he was in his uniform asking for a Command when five years ago he had tendered his resignation papers on the same day she had offered him the USS Calypso.

“Commander, That was five years ago and you resigned on the same day,” She replied looking at him and then turned to head over to her replication unit that was behind her desk, as she tapped in a code for her favourite drink, She continued,” Are you telling me now; today that you want back into Starfleet?” as the Machine started to hum as it started to work its magic. As she turned back to face him.

“Yes I am ma’am,” he replied formally, he continued,” After being moved from assignment to assignment without any R&R,” looking back at her, He finished,” I was burnt out and I needed some time to recharge,” She looked back at him as the mug appeared on the shelf and picked it up before taking a sip of the beverage. She responded,” Then why didn't you say so five years ago?”

“Cause you wanted me to take the Calypso without asking me if I needed help,” He responded as he looked back at her” Or if I needed any rest,” he concluded, he had not even wondered if she had bothered to ask about his time off, Philippa replied “James,” using his given name as she continued,” If you had asked for some R&R I would have granted it,” keeping her focus upon him she finished,” But you resigned your commission and now you want to come back?”

James looked back at her and replied,” Yes Ma’am, That I do,” as he watched her walk back behind her desk and sit down in the chair, she responded clearly so he could hear her,” Well then Lucky for you I never thumbprint this then wasn’t it,” as she pulled out a PADD that he recognized from five years ago. She continued,” Is it still your intention to retire Commander? “ she finished,” “For the record please,”

“For the record Ma’am, It is not my intention to retire for quite some time,” replied James looking back at her, He continued,” And I am now ready to get back to work,” as he hoped that this had put her mind at rest, she replied,” Thank you, James, for that,” as she looked back at him, She continued,” Now for your next assignment,” She finished,” The USS Churchill a Luna vessel is to be your first command,”

He looked back at her for a minute and that she was offering him a command albeit a Galaxy-class Vessel but Still a command was a command, She asked,” Do you accept your Charge?” as she looked back at him. He replied,” I accept my Charge with both hands, Ma’am,” As James watched her open a drawer and pull out a moving box and stand up once more to move around her desk to face him.

“Very well, I hereby promote you to the Rank of Captain with all rights and Privileges herewith,” replied Philippa as he opened the box and removed the gold pip from it and then began to remove the black one from his collar and replacing it with the Golden one, She finished,” Congratulations Captain,” giving him a peck on the cheek.

“Thank you, Admiral,” replied James as he knew that this was something of a surprise to him that she would promote him having not been out there for the last five years, But promotion was a Promotion as she handed him a Padd she said,” She is in Dock 4152 Bay 3” as she finished “ Good luck Captain, Dismissed,” as James gave her a short nod and turned towards the exit of her Office to head to his new ship.


Captain James Stewart
USS Churchill
Taskforce 7



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