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Help on its way

Posted on Wed May 22nd, 2024 @ 11:00pm by Captain James Stewart

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Mission: New Home
Location: Stewart's R&R


== Captain’s Ready Room - USS Churchill & USS Oceanus==

= James Ready Room - USS Churchill=

Having his Security chief tell him not to send the Mayday call which his security chief had overruled, James had decided to take Grimes and his office and remind him that he was the Captain and not him, as he knew the system reboot would not work, Still, this was embarrassing having to be towed back to port. He looked back at the reports on his desk and wondered when the sensors were back up working.

== On the USS Oceanus ==

Commander Patton was busy in his Ready Room looking over reports as the newly constructed and launched Intrepid class sailed through the stars at warp speed. She had just concluded her approval for departure not a day prior, having gone to warp with an expected somewhat delayed travel time. As he glanced over reports, the Commander sighed. He hadn’t expected there to be so much “paperwork” involved. Regardless, he had a job to do, and he did it to the best of his ability.

One such report stopped him. As he flicked through the window on his PADD, he noticed a report about the distance to the USS Churchill. After some consideration, he spoke.

“Computer, establish a secure connection between the USS Oceanus and USS Churchill. Attempt to contact the Captain.”

The computer took a moment to process, then spoke in its usual smooth feminine voice. “Acknowledged. Establishing connection.”

James sat behind his desk when the screen lit up, the Ops Officer said ”Captain we have an incoming call from the USS Oceanus,” as James hoped the Connection would work, he said “Put it through to my ready Room,” as the Screen lit up, He said “ This is Captain Stewart, do you read me,” crossing his fingers.

Forest nodded at the screen as he sat behind his desk. The image was a bit fuzzy, but the computer compensated adequately.

“I read you, Captain. My name is Forest Patton, Captain of the USS Oceanus, and Commodore Paladin has dispatched us to assist you and are responding to your MayDay. Can you relay the state of your ship to me and how we can best prepare to assist you?”

=/\= Our Computer systems have each the old and new and clashing=/\= replied James looking back at the screen, he continued,=/\= We have lost a lot of crew due to the ship instantly dropping out of warp and gravity gave way,=/\= reporting as he knew that now with half the crew dead, =/\= I have young officers who are having to take roles that are not ready for, but are doing a fantastic job,=/\=

Forest listened and his expression, which had begun with optimism, diminished slowly throughout the Captain’s explanation. As James finished, Forest found his throat dry, realizing he had to respond.

“I uh…, Captain, my sincerest condolences on your issues,” Forest managed. “I will have medical ready to assist you. We are arriving as an Intrepid-class vessel, so while we have limited space, we have state-of-the-art technology to assist you. That said, I see no reason we will not be able to provide engineering assistance either.”

There was a moment of silence, and then Forest cleared his throat.

“Exactly…how many casualties, Captain?” he asked, though he was afraid of the answer.

=/\= We lost half the crew and that included the Councilours department and half of Medical,=/\= replied James looking somber =/\= and most were Ensigns straight out of the Academy,=/\= having to write those letters had been the hardest thing he had to do and lucky for him he had his wife here to help him through it.he finished =/\= and Engineering=/\=

There was a silence that followed the last statement. The Churchill was in dire straits. It was a wonder that the Mayday was given to the Oceanus. Looking into the reports as Forest gently picked up a PADD, he reread the Starfleet report that the Mayday from the Churchill had been delayed in receipt. Something had been scrambling or possibly blocking the signal and it was only by a miracle that a relay buoy near Earth had picked it up. No one had known the extent of the issues to Churchill, but now that Forest did, he realized that this may be a bigger issue to tackle than the small Intrepid class could handle.

“We are… fresh out of spacedock,” Forest said, looking up at James. “I promise you, whatever we can do, we will do to help. As you’re aware, Starfleet is quite extended at the moment. But I’ve been assured that there are medical vessels on standby, though it could take several days when they're dispatched. We’re your only help at the moment. I’m sending you a complete list of our available inventory and assets for your consideration.”

Forest looked down at his PADD again, tapping something.

“We are … still a day out from your location, at the least. Can you hold out?” he asked, hopeful.

“We can try to” replied James as he knew that the crew that he had remaining were doing the best they could, he continued” Is there any other help coming besides the medical ships and yourself?”

Forest was quick to consult his PADD. “No,” he answered. “I see two Olympic-class Starships assigned; the USS Nobel and the USS Ajax. I also see a Centaur-class USS Carolina being dispatched as an escort for the two hospital ships. Other than that, the USS Oceanus is the only other starship assigned. Though I see some on-call listings, these assets appear too far away to assist readily.”

James wanted to know where they were sitting as the sensors of the ship were offline and were top of the list to be repaired, he asked,” Do you know where we are located?” posing the question to his counterpart.

Forest briefly consulted his PADD before looking back to James.

“Your location according to our scans is in the Orion Sector, near Regula. Though where you’re at is pretty much space,” the Commander said.

The feed cut.


Captain Patton
Uss Oceanus


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