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Posted on Fri Oct 15th, 2021 @ 10:12am by Captain James Stewart & Lieutenant Commander Katana Rochelle Stewart & Lieutenant JG Isla Stewart
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Mission: New Home
Location: Stewart Quarters
Timeline: SD 239610.15 1900 hrs


Time for dinner had soon come around, it was supposed to be the previous evening but had to be postponed. Dressing in some comfortable clothes Isla made her way to her parents quarters, she had some news that they both needed to know.

Arriving at their quarters a few minutes later Isla pressed the door chime.

"Enter," James Called as he sat upon the couch resting after meetings with Admrail Jensen about where the crew were and why they had not been summoned to the ship yet; as the door slid open he turned to see his Daughter enter and he said, "Welcome home Isla," replied James looking at his Daughter.

"Welcome home Daughter of House Stewart. You are welcome here as it is your rightful home," Katana said as a Klingon mother would.

As she entered Isla offered a smile, it was now or never for her news. “Mum, Dad, before the evening starts there’s something I need to tell you... I’m pregnant!”

As James was about to take a sip of the cold beer and nearly choked on it, he said "you're what!" as he at first didn't catch what she said placing the drink down onto the table, He asked, "So, who's the Father?" getting up and walked over to her to give her a hug "and do I know him?"

Isla looked at her adoptive mother, she’d already explained to Katana about Jason. “No you err... you don’t know him. His name was Jason, we met aboard my last ship it’s also where I... lost him. He was killed.” She hung her head for a moment. “According to the Doctor I’m around 8 weeks, I was starting to wonder why I was feeling off-colour so often.”

"I see Daughter, I will speak with T'legh and have his name added to the families record of the fallen," replied James looking at his Daughter and he knew that the boy must have died with dignity and Honour "We will have a plaque placed in the arboretum to remember him,"

Isla smiled and nodded. “I’d like that, Thank you, father. He was a good man, he always treated me with respect and honour.”

"We will set a place for your fallen mate on our table always," Katana said, giving her daughter a hug.

“Thank you” Isla smiled. “Actually I err... I’ve met someone I like very much, he seems to like me a lot too and he doesn’t mind that I’m pregnant either.”

Katana's eyes grew large at this news. "Who would that be daughter?" needing to know quickly.

“I err...” Isla paused. “I’m not sure if he’d want me to say. I should really check with him first.”

James responded, "Who is it Isla?" as he knew that her keeping quiet would only make him keep asking his daughter as he knew that he only wanted to see her happy.

"She sadly won't have the time James. She has been recalled back to SF headquarters ASAP. I guess they need her elsewhere. However it was wonderful to have her here with us," Katana said.

"Sorry, dad. But I gotta go. Wish it could have lasted longer but you know the saying, 'When SF Brass talks we run' so here I go again," Isla said kissing her father and leaving quickly.

"Take care daughter and please keep in touch," replied James as he hated the fact that his daughter had only just arrived and now been whisked off somewhere else, how he had to find another officer to fill her spot on the ship.

Hugging her husband, "James we can not argue with the brass. Let it go. She will be alright," Katana said.


Lt. Cmdr. Katana Rochelle Stewart
Executive Officer
USS Winston Churchill


Captain James Stewart
USS Winston Churchill


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