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Return Of Katana

Posted on Sun Apr 24th, 2022 @ 12:33am by Lieutenant Commander Katana Rochelle Stewart & Captain James Stewart

597 words; about a 3 minute read

Mission: New Home
Location: Captain's R & R Room
Timeline: 10:00 hours SD:239604.11


After the last couple of appointments, James needed a break and some food, when the door of his office opened and the form of his wife was standing behind the door, He said," Katana, what are you doing here, I thought you were overseeing those ships?" as he was pleased that his wife was now home.

"I was and now I'm home again. Exhausted but home finally to stay. Come to my love let me fix you something to eat. You look like you have had one of those days", Katana said, kissing her husband deeply. Yes, Katana was glad to be home again and in command with James finally. Being away from him had put a strain on her being away from him for as long as she was.

"Thanks, but we have had some good news on the Security front," replied James as he looked back at his wife and how he had missed her these last few months and had missed her embrace, he continued "and we finally have a chief Engineer,"

"We do? How wonderful but you realize that I'm gonna want to get my hands dirty from time to time," Katana said as she brought a tray brimming with a wonderful meal. "After this, I have a surprise for you," she added smiling. She wondered if he actually knew what the surprise was.

"I Know hon, But you never guess who has come back to the ship?" he said looking at her wondering what the surprise could be, he said, " Your not pregnant are you?" asks the question.

Katana let out her best Klingon belly laugh, "Pregnant? I wish I were! No husband at least not yet......" she said hoping he would get the hint of the surprise she had in mind.

"Are you telling me your home for good?" asked James looking back at his wife, as he hoped that she was, "and Oh yeah Sherlock is back here as Security Chief," as he dropped the bombshell on her.

"Home for good my husband. Now, what did you say??? Sherlock is back?? Security chief? I thought he had sworn he was through with the Churchill. What changed his mind," Katana said, making her way to the bedroom. She had brought some sexy lingerie and wanted to entice James after dinner. Being away from him for as long as she was, made her needs more pronounced.

" I am pleased that you are home and yes he is and we have to thank the Admiral for persuading him to return," replied James looking back at his wife, as the drinks arrived he picked up his drinks and walked back to his wife.

"Well, that is a bit of good news. Glad he is back," she said. Sitting on the bed, she took the drink, "I am the surprise, my love," she said as she started to undress.

As James watched as his wife started to undress, James said "Computer, Lock ready room door," as he knew that she was showing him something as he continued " and black the windows to the bridge," as he did not want anyone to see his surprise. he finished " Well, this is a surprise and a lovely one at that hon,"

"Come to bed my husband. Its been too long...... "Katana whispered pulling James onto the bed.......





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