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Green Light

Posted on Wed May 11th, 2022 @ 10:41pm by Captain James Stewart & Lieutenant Commander Katana Rochelle Stewart & Lieutenant Commander Sherlock Grimes & Lieutenant Commander Amelia Gordon & Lieutenant Callisi Veera & Lieutenant Jamie McGowan & Lieutenant JG Elsa Veillon

1,511 words; about a 8 minute read

Mission: New Home
Location: Briefing room
Timeline: SD:239605.11


James had just gotten off the com with Admiral Jensen who had informed him that the Churchill was about to be given leave to head out into the void and that their first mission was a milk run to a new station in the delta quadrant, where it turns out would be their home port as their mission was to explore the Delta quadrant and map it. as he tapped his fingers on the table eager for the Briefing to start.

Punctual as always, the next set of boots through the briefing room doors belonged to Callisi Veera. Her people were native to the Delta quadrant, as the Federation called it. Though they just called it 'Home'. "Captain." she gave a nod and took her seat. The cyclopean rabbitess was cool and collected, and while normally she'd have a PADD or something with notes on it from her department, this was a briefing about the mission and the ship as a whole, so she left that back in her office. Here, she was going off memory and was here to learn more than update.

Katana walked swiftly into the briefing room and took her customary seat by her husband's side. "Lt. Veera how are you this day?" she said to the rabbitess.

Elsa Veillon entered the briefing room, and took a seat, she felt out of place in the room, but there she was present for the briefing as requested by the Captain.

Callisi turned to each as they entered, a nod to the pair. As Katana addressed her, the cyclopean rabbitess gave a soft smile, the ghost of a smile really. "Today, I'm well. Yesterday was a good day. Here's to hoping the trend continues." she remarked, her voice calm, pleasant even. Shame she only had one eye. Such a magnificent feature. Her eye didn't reflect the gleam of light... It was just a matte, lusterless pool of color. "I trust so far things are well for the three of you?" she asked, extending the scope of the question to include the others as well.

"A pleasure to see you, Ens. Veillon," Katana said, turning to Veera, "We are well and now, especially that I am home for good." Settling back in her seat, she waited for the rest to arrive.

"Thank you, mam," Elsa replied to the Lt Commander.

"Home." Veera chimed. "Seems so far away. Not the ship, not the metaphorical home. Home home, where I'm from." she paused, and shook her head, "A topic for another time."

LtCdr Amelia Gordon entered the briefing room and nodded to those already seated. "So, we are finally getting our orders, are we?" Looking over at Captain Stewart with a smile, "I was wondering when they would let us go." She took her seat and greeted her crewmates, "It's good to see you all. I hope you are as excited as I am to get out there and explore."

McGowan walked into the conference room, exuding confidence, hoping no one could sense the butterflies in her stomach. oO First assignment back. First meeting. Don't blow it. Oo she thought. oO I wouldn't have picked you if I didn't think you could do it, Oo came the mental voice of Robert. oO Not what I need distracting me now...Oo she thought to herself as she sat down. Her brown hair was barely shoulder length and wavy at the moment, but still within regulation.

"Good day, everyone," she said with a polite smile, making eye contact with everyone.

Callisi gave Amelia's enthusiasm a smirk, "I'm looking very much forward to getting back to familiar territory." she offered. "My people are from that region of space." she gave a nod over to McGowan, "Good welcome," she replied.

Jamie gave a friendly smile and nodded, "Thanks."

As James watched his senior staff arrive, suddenly the com channel chirped and opened the channel =/\= Sir, I have Admiral Jensen on the line,=/\= came to the voice of the junior ops officer. James replied =/\= Put her through to the briefing room Ensign=/\= as the screen changed from the federation symbol to that of the grey-haired admiral.

=/\= Admiral, what do we owe this pleasure?=/\= asked James looking back at her knowing something was afoot.

She responded, =/\= I'm sorry to inform you Captain that your mission to the delta quadrant has been changed,=/\= as her voice carried over the com, she continued =/\= your new course is to resupply Starbase Camalot in the Gamma quadrant and now part of Operation Homefront,=/\= as suddenly the mission details came through to his screen.

=/\= Copy that Admiral, Stewart out =/\= as the channel closed and he looked around the room of his senior staff that was assembled and wondered what they were thinking at this moment in time.

Callisi seemed the first ready to break the silence. "A change of venue, and still the opportunity to explore. Though now, it'll be new experiences for all of us." she offered. "My department stands ready."

Amelia was rather surprised by the sudden change and not just a little disappointed by it either. She'd been looking forward to going to the Delta quadrant. She knew her face probably showed her feelings on the subject. There was so much to learn and she'd been looking forward to delving into the mysteries in the Delta quadrant. She sighed as she forced a smile on her face and nodded at Callisi's comment. "Science is of course ready as well, Captain. I am sure there are lots of discoveries yet to be made in the Gamma Quadrant."

Elsa Veillon let out an internal sigh of relief Less chance of running into the Borg in the Gamma Quadrant than in the Delta she told herself but kept that to herself.

Lt. McGowan folded her hands onto the table and kept her face relatively unreadable, simply raising an eyebrow at getting a mission change to the Gamma Quadrant rather than the Delta Quadrant. There was the Bajoran wormhole to let them return safely, but there were Founders and Jem'Hadar that they might encounter, and tens of thousands of light-years from the Federation would mean engineering would be all the more important in keeping them in working order.

" I know some of you were looking forward to the Delta Quadrant, but we have fresh orders" replied James as the data came through and the map flashed up onto the screen. He continued "I'm in the dark as you all are, but from what I gather is that we have to protect this sector of space,"

Amelia sighed quietly as she looked at the area they would be tasked with patrolling. Mentally she was making a list of all the experiments that she and her team would not be able to do. Three scientific planetary mapping projects, 4 xenobiological projects and at least two projects for botany based on specific planets she had been expected they would visit. Ahh well, the science department would surely find other projects to keep them busy.

That's amusing considering that a former Borg was standing right there on the Bridge. Though since he couldn't hear what Amelia said in her head, there was no reason to bother responding to it. Sherlock gave a glance over his console and then back up. "Everything good here."

"We go where we are ordered." Callisi offered, with a nod. "The Gamma quadrant is full enough of wonder. What do we know about Starbase Camelot?"

Elsa Veillon sat there silently listening to what was being said, processing all of the data, she had nothing to say or ask as all she'd have asked had been asked so far.

"Starbase Camalot is a Stardock class station which is servicing as a trade hub for all the major powers and such," replied James as the questions started to come thick and fast, he continued "Our first port of call will be DS9 to pick up supplies to take to the station," looking around the table. he finished " any questions?"

After a few minutes, he said " we depart at 08:00 in the moring," as he looked around the room, he finished "Dismissed,"


AqM3jE5.png :CDR Gordon

OmIcWlq.png :Lt Callisi Veera

MO80Xa2.png Ens Veillon

LAjBt0c.png Lt. McGowan



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