A diamond in the rough.

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Mission: New Home
Location: Stare base 51
Timeline: Current

[ ON ]

-Medical center-
-Starbase 51-

The nice Doctor Hendon smiled as he checked her readings.

“ Well Bubbles, your new heart is working just perfectly. Although we do need to get your weight down just a bit. Otherwise you'll be needing a new one in a couple of years.” He said

“ Being stunned by a rabid Kangaroo didn't help. My poor little cupcake.” Her husband said.

Bubbles just nodded but inside she was feeling something else. Anger. Not at that nice young Australian girl who stunned her but Bubbles' own husband.
He never gave her any attention so to compensate she ate. Soon the doctors were telling her that her heart was giving out. When finally she had been granted an audience with her husband. He told her to stop eating and her old ticker would be fine. Before she could reply some stick thin personal assistant was guiding her out of his office. The doors were shut in her face , leaving her alone and frightened outside.

The nice Australian girl had found Bubbles crying. Together they hatched a plan that would get her husband to notice her again. It was going to be dangerous but Bubbles did not care. The way things were going she would be dead soon and her husband would not care. There had been a problem with thefts in the Starbase Mall; the plan was that Bubbles would be mistaken for a thief and then run away in a panic. She would keep going even after being told to stop. Then the nice Australian girl would stun her. Bubbles' husband would then play the angry man as his associates would take a dim view of him if he showed his usual indifference to her.

Bubbles had been worried about the fallout from this. But the nice Australian girl did not seem to care. She was sure that all they would give her was a slap on the wrist. The important thing was for Bubbles to get the man she loved , to love her back again or long enough so she could put together a team of divorce lawyers. Then take the heartless bastard to the cleaners.

But things haven't gone to plan. Bubbles' heart was more fragile than she realized and had a massive heart attack. Luckily Dr Boris Hendon had been on hand or that nice Australian girl would have been charged with murder. As it was Mr Van Peltz had gone into full advanging husband mode. Used his influence to not only have the nice Australian girl busted down to Lieutenant Junior Grade but transferred off the Starbase to who knows where.

Well. Bubbles would make things right. But first she would secretly gather the best divorce lawyers in the sector. Then once the concerned and angry husband act had become a novelty and he was back to treating her like shit. Wham! She would hit him with the galaxy’s largest divorce settlement demand.


Mrs Bubbles Van Peltz
Starbase 51

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