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Strike one.

Posted on Tue Sep 5th, 2023 @ 6:18am by Lieutenant JG Jane Twicepot

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Mission: New Home
Location: Various
Timeline: Current

[ ON ]

-Starbase 51-


Jane sat on the cell bed and stared straight at the nervous Ensign on duty. Her gaze never shifted from watching the rapidly becoming uncomfortable guard. Twicepots' eyes never blinked as she continued to look at her colleague. But in her mind she played out what had brought her here.

She had been stationed on the mall after several shop keepers had complained about missing items. Suddenly a rather large and overweight woman wobbled past her. Followed by a shopkeeper who was trying to attract the women’s attention. Jane immediately followed them and called out for the large lady to stop. But instead the women carried on ignoring them both. Giving a sigh she altered the setting on her Phaser and fired a stun beam at the woman. Who flopped to the ground with a loud splat and a sad whimper.

“ Why did you do that? “ He asked, shocked.

“ She was trying to flee after stealing from your shop. That is why you were chasing her?” Jane said,

“No. I was trying to tell her she left her little Chihuahua in my shop.” He replied.

“ Anyone who owns one of those noisey Dingos deserves to get stunned.” Jane said

“ Do you have any idea who this is? You just stunned Bubbles Van Peltz. Her husband is one of the most influential men in this sector of space!” The shopkeeper said.

So four hours later here Jane was sitting on a bed in a cell. The doors to the Brig swooshed open.

“ Commander on Deck!” She called out. The Ensign gave her a look and Jane returned it with her middle finger on her right hand extended.

“ Ensign Toco time to take a break.” The Starbase Commander said.

Once they had gone the Starbase Commander brought out a padd.

“ Well congratulations Lieutenant Commander Twicepot. In the short time, you have been Chief of Security here. You have collected no less than 50 complaints about your methods.” She said

“ Well the criminals don’t like the taste of their own honey.” She replied

“ That is true but these complaints are from your own staff. Then to top things off you put the wife of one of the most influential entrepreneurs in this sector in Sickbay. The poor woman has had a heart attack after you stunned her!” The Commander said.

“ That woman is nearly 200 kg. I think it was all those cream cakes that caused it.” Jane replied.

“ You cannot behave like a demented Emu in an important position like this!” The Commander said

“ I prefer Kangaroo, they don’t mess around.” Jane said.

“ Funny. Well let’s see how funny you find this. You're busted back to Lieutenant Junior Grade and you're out of here.” The CO said.

“ What!” Twicepot said, jumping off the bed. She charged at the force field but was thrown back.

“ You're the new Assistant Chief of Security on the USS Winston Churchill. Perhaps Captain Stewart can turn you into the responsible person I know is there inside you.” With that the Commander left.

-Transport shuttle-

After a brief return home to Australia Jane was off to meet the USS Winston Churchill. Perhaps everyone was correct and she had been behaving like a crazed Kangaroo. Well she would need to tone it down if she ever wanted her collar to be heavy again.

The journey did not take long and soon they were docking with her new posting. She stepped out and standing to attention she presented her transport papers.

“ Lieutenant Junior Grade Jane Twicepot reporting for duty.” She said.

[ OFF]

Lieutenant (jg) Jane Twicepot
Assistant Chief of Security / Tactical Officer
USS Winston Churchill


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