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return Of James Stewart Pt 2

Posted on Sat Aug 14th, 2021 @ 4:28am by Lieutenant Commander Katana Rochelle Stewart & Captain James Stewart

610 words; about a 3 minute read

Mission: New Home
Location: Stewart residence
Timeline: SD:239607.23 09:30


Having returned home to his apartment where Katana was waiting for him, as he knew that she was going to be surprised to find out what he had done and also not happy with him for not talking about it first with her, but now he had to tell her that he was now back in Starfleet. as he approached the front door, he said " Hi Honey, I'm home" as he walked into the Kitchen and tapped a few commands into the replication unit to get some drinks for the both of them.

Katana, being part Betazoid, could sense that James was hiding something. "Welcome home darling." she daid giving him a kiss and taking the drink. Sitting down, "Ok James, what have you done now dear " she started off by saying calmly.

"Well for starters I have been reactivated by Starfleet and as of now so have you," replied James looking back at his wife, he continued "and secondly I have been given my own command; a Luna class Starship called the USS Churchill," as he kept his gaze upon her he finished," and thirdly Your my new Executive officer and all this has been cleared by Admiral Jensen,"

Katana's face suddenly changed. "You what? I've been what? A Luna class? The Churchill? Your XO? How in the name of Kahless......what in the name of Kahless is going on? Is Starfleet losing their minds?" she choked. Katana was loking for some time to raise a family. Maybe even go home to Quo'nos and live, but oh no, Starfleet stuck thete nose where it wasn't wanted. But how do you say no to Starfleet and Admiral Jensen? Throwing her hands in the air, "So when do we leave?"

"We have to be at Spacedock by tomorrow at 17:00 hours," replied James looking at his wife "Commander," using his wife new rank as it had been 5 years since her last promotion and was due one; he knew that was all a big shock for her but he was bored sitting at home not doing anything worthwhile and the stars had come calling once more beckoning him like the Sirens of myth.

"Good god! James you are the worst one for surprising people especially me damn it!" she said. Suddenly she realized what he just had said, "Commander? You just called me Commander, I just got promoted just like that! You're impossible and we have a Luna class to boot. Engineering is not going to be the same without me down there. Oh well......," she said sighing.

"Yes I did," replied James looking back at his wife " and yes I know but it's better you get experience being on the bridge," as he knew that this was a shock for her; plus it will prove to Admrail Jensen that they could work well as a team. But then again with his wife beside him would help him keep his cool.

Katana heard that in her mind....."Control your temper? Who is going to cool mine!" Katana sighed again, "You know it's going to be hard to keep me from engineering. Especially on a Luna class," she said smiling at him again.

" Well, then we better start getting packed shouldn't we ?" he said smiling as he looked back at her as he knew that this was a challenge and boy did he need it instead of moping about here all day; he also knew that he should have talked it over with his wife, but he hadn't and now Space the final frontier beckoned him once more.


Captain James Stewart
USS Churchill


Cmdr. Katana Rochelle Stewart
Executive Officer
USS Churchill


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