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Arrival surprise

Posted on Sat Aug 14th, 2021 @ 4:26am by Lieutenant Commander Katana Rochelle Stewart & Captain James Stewart & Lieutenant JG Isla Stewart

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Mission: New Home
Location: Ready room
Timeline: SD:239607.23, 1000 MD1


With her things dropped off in her quarters Isla changed into her duty uniform making sure she was presentable for her new Captain. Picking up the PADD with her transfer orders, and medical clearance papers on she headed for the Captain’s ready room to report in.

Arriving at the bridge not long afterwards she walked across to the ready room and pressed the door chime waiting for admittance.

Having been here a few days, James had taken time to visit the space dock and check out his new command whilst his wife was down in Main Engineering checking on that before the New chief Engineer arrived, as he leaned back in his chair, he said," Enter" as he picked up the next DataPadd to read it. Suddenly the doors parted and James nearly dropping the Padd when he saw who had walked in.

He wasn’t the only one shocked as the doors closed behind her Isla froze in her tracks as she set eyes on her adoptive father. “Dad? I’m... I’m sorry... Lieutenant Isla Stewart reporting for duty Captain.” She approached his desk and handed over her transfer orders and her medical clearance. The worst part was she hadn’t called him about the incident with the Wildcat or the fact that she’d lost an arm, and almost her life.

As James composed himself, he said "Welcome Lieutenant Stewart to the USS Churchill," he said formally as he knew that Admrail Philippa Jensen would have had her hands in this and looked back at her as he noticed the Prosthetic arm and would ask about that, as he got the formalities out of the way he said Isla, What are you doing here?"

Walking over to the nearest chair Isla took a seat handing over her PADD in the process. “I was assigned here, I’m your new Chief Counsellor. The Wildcat is out of commission, she has been for a few weeks now. I was offered the opportunity to take up my first posting as Chief so I took it.”

As he took hold of the Padd and scanned it and approved the transfer, "so what happened to your arm?" he started looking at the bioprosthetic arm as he finished "and why wasn't I or your mother informed?" as he knew something bad must have happened for her to lose the arm.

“That was my fault... I asked them not to call you” Isla paused. “The Wildcat came under attack, she suffered severe and catastrophic damage! I was helping to evacuate the crew, a nearby plasma conduit blew and I took the full brunt to my right side. I didn’t even know my arm was gone, all I remember is people fussing around me...” She frowned as she recalled the incident. “If it hadn’t been for the crew I’d have died there and then. We lost a lot of good people, the ship is undergoing a major overhaul so the crew have been assigned new ships. As for this...” She raised her hand clenching and unfolding her fingers. “It’s weird not having the sensitivity of my original hand but it does have experimental touch sensors, it’s new tech and they have warned me that if it gets damaged my brain will most likely interpret it as pain.”

" You do know your Mother is going to go rather protective of you," replied James looking at his Daughter "and yes she is here as well," he continued looking straight at Isla tapping his combadge =/\= Would Commander Stewart, please report my Ready Room,=/\= as he looked back at Isla as he grinned from ear to ear.

=/\= On my way=/\= Katana said as she finished up looking over the engine specs. It took about 3 minutes to get to her husband's office. Walking in Katana nearly tripped over her feet. "Kahless.....! Isla! How...when?" she said giving her a big hug.

“Hi mum!” Isla smiled the biggest smile yet as she returned Katana’s hug. “Quite the family reunion isn’t it?” She wondered what Katana would say about her prosthetic arm.

Laughing because James did not know that she and Isla spoke to each other before she reported to her father. Keeping it a surprise, Katana had played it off but about the prosthetic arm, that was new and unknown to Katana at the time. "Wait......what's this? A prosthetic arm? How in the name of Kahless did this happen?" she asked her daughter.

“An attack on my last ship mum” Isla’s smile faded somewhat. “I survived, that’s what matters.”

"Yes...yes, that is in fact all that matters is that you are alive and here now. You must see the CMO make sure your prosthetic arm is not bothering you. After that a formal dinner with us......oh my it is so good to have the family together finally", Katana said wondering if the surprise actually worked.

"And I concur with your Mother, go see the CMO and the Chief engineer about your arm," replied James as he looked back at the pair of them. as he knew that both of them had a lot to do to get ready for Launch as he also knew that Admiral Jensen was going to be doing her inspection before being given the green light to leave spacedock.

Isla nodded. “Yes Sir, I’ll head straight to Sickbay as I have my medical to sort out yet anyway.”

"Very well Lieutenant, Dismissed," replied James as he looked back at his Daughter as he finished "And be at our quarters at 18:00 for dinner," as he knew he wanted to find out more about when she had met and was there anyone special in her life.

Isla smiled warmly. “I’ll be there! I can’t wait already!”

"Go daughter, Quap'la" Katana said smiling.


Captain James Stewart
USS Churchill

Lt Commander Katana Rochelle Stewart
Executive Officer
USS Churchill

Lieutenant jg Isla Stewart
Chief Counsellor
USS Churchill


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