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visit to engineering

Posted on Thu Aug 12th, 2021 @ 8:46am by Captain James Stewart & Lieutenant Commander Michael Shanks

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Mission: New Home
Location: Main engineering
Timeline: SD:239607.24 09:30


Having to stretch his legs and find his way around the newly commissioned USS Churchill as he noticed some of the engineers that were in the corridor nodding to him as he walked past them and headed towards the Engineering section to meet his new Chief Engineer named Michael Shanks with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. As he entered the Engineering and looked around and saw a Young Ensign, He asked, " Ensign, Where can I find Lieutenant Commander Shanks?" as the young man turned to see his new commanding officer standing in front of him. He replied, " Just follow the shouting Sir as the dilithium matrix is still playing up," as this news was not what he wanted to hear, but he had.

Thank you, Ensign, Dismissed," replied James as he walked across the Engine room to find a blond-haired Officer giving the Engine a couple of choice words, James said, " Commander Shanks I presume?"

"Yeah, want now. Can't you see I am busy with this damn dilithium matrix? I wish I would have gotten assigned a more updated ship." Michael stated with his back to the voice. "I will get to you in a minute or this ship will be dead in space if I can't get this fixed. I have a staff of morons as none of you are higher than ensign. I needed to request my own staff with this promotion." Shanks did not realize he was venting to his CO as he was focused on fixing the issue and thus blocking out his telepathic abilities.

"I will see to it Lieutenant, I have some pull with Admiral Jensen," replied James as he looked back at the officer in front of him; he continued "And for the record, I am Captain James Stewart, your Commanding Officer," as once keeping his gaze upon his new Chief Engineer.

Shanks then dropped his hyper spanner and became fully erect and almost hit his head on the open panel. He did a quick about-face, "Sir, very sorry, Sir." Shanks responded. "Lieutenant Commander Michael Shanks. Chief Engineer of the USS Winston Churchill. Welcome aboard. Sorry, did not get word that you had come aboard. I would have met you then. However, I found this faulty dilithium matrix and no one knew how to resolve the issue."

The chief engineer had been on the ship for a week and was assigned here to help get it launched and to serve under the new captain so he could have some experienced department heads for a crew of mostly new crew.

"You will get your staff Lieutenant, I can guarantee it" replied James looking back at him, "and don't be so formal as my wife who is a former CEO will be down shortly to hand over the keys so to speak," he continued looking at him as he finished " as she is now Churchill's Executive officer,"

"I will get the staff I want once I have a chance to get the staff on this ship up to speed with how I run my department and they will come around," Shanks replied. "But I too would like to meet the former CEO of this ship and see they kept this bucket of bolts running."

" This is a brand new ship of the line so there are bound to be teaching issues Commander," replied Paul looking back at him, "and as for your staff, I will speak with Admrail Jensen to get you whomever you want," he finished looking at his he leaned up against the table he said "Well, I have to meet the Chief Medical Officer," as he turned to leave the Engineer to sort out the engine.


Captain James Stewart
USS Churchill


Lieutenant Commander Michael Shanks
USS Churchill


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