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Medical Check In

Posted on Tue Jan 11th, 2022 @ 12:08am by Lieutenant Callisi Veera
Edited on on Wed Jan 19th, 2022 @ 3:22pm

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Mission: New Home
Location: Medical

With the official meeting with the Captain taken care of, Callisi made her way through her mental checklist to the next destination: Medical.

Medical always worried her. Not because she was afraid about any concerns of her physical fitness. She considered herself in rather good shape, truth be told. No one that glanced at her ever seemed to have anything negative to add, either. A smirk cross her features, but only for a moment. No, she had other reasons to dislike Medical. They asked questions. Sure, they were supposed to, but it always brought attention to her greatest shame. A daughter's greatest shame should be eloping, or frivolous affairs, or a third child. No... no her shame was far more direct. Eye to eye, you could say.

She walked into medical with her head high, though. No Daughter of Ts'usu was going to fear a doctor. She turned to the attendant nurse and gave a soft smile. "Hello. I'm a recent transfer aboard and I want to get my entrance physical handled."

The attendant nodded and took the PaDD that Callisi had and put it on the PaDD organiser. It was at the front as there was no others on the organiser.

T'Mena was however finishing attending to the Captain and talking generally. The Captain left and T'Mena strolled over and picked up the PaDD. "Callisi Veera," she called out.

Callisi stood when called, "Present." she replied as she rose. It took a few moments for the Daughter of Ts'usu to look past the appearance, but then she recalled his much it burned her own soul when anyone simply fixated on her prosthetic. So to that she pushed her own perceptions aside.

"I came to get my entrance physical handled while the crew roster is thin."

"Not a problem. Jump up," said T'Mena.

So bidden, so done. Callisi slid herself up onto the indicated biobed and waited. Seems she was no stranger to medical inspection. All that gumption went out the window within a second though. "I... I can remove the patch if it'll interfere with the scan. I'd just, well, rather keep it on."

"It shouldn't be a problem," T'Mena said as she walked over and set up her medical tricorder. She started scanning taking more detailed scans.

Callisi's scans told the story of a soldier. Scar tissue, evidence of long-healed damage to various bones, maybe even a healed break. Breaks were bad for her people, since their bones didn't break so much as shattered once they took enough punishment. Crystalline calcium and such.

The most obvious damage though was her eye. Her right eye was missing, and had instead been replaced with a completely robotic prosthetic. Maybe it was a field medic, or maybe it was just the need to have something to see with, but the eye wasn't even remotely organic, or even remotely passable as the original. Alien design, but elegant in its capacity. The synthetic fibers had long since merged with the optical nerve, meaning that at this point replacing the eye would do more harm than good. Like it or not, she was stuck with it.

As far as everything else, she was well put together. Strong heart, good lungs, a little scarring from some chemical exposure but nothing that would keep her down. Whatever she did before she came here, it left its marks. War always did.

T'Mena did many scans and such. "Has anything changed since your last physical? T'Mena asked. She had not seen anything but scans only told a partial story to what a person had been through.

"Some minor discomfort behind my prosthetic about a month ago. Called up my primary back in the Empire, they said it was probably agitation of scar tissue. I took that and went to a local medical center, they pretty much said the same thing. It hasn't bothered me since. They did some work in the optical, but we can schedule a time later if you want to double check the work? Last thing I need is for it to start bothering me on assignment."

"You are right. I don't need to double check unless it does bother you," replied T'Mena. T'Mena then requested Callisi to lie down so she could scan with the bed.

With a nod of relief, Callisi readjusted her posture to go from "Seated" to "Laying Down" on the bio bed. Silently she appreciated not needing to draw more attention than needed to the prosthetic. As much as she hated it, she also needed it.

T'Mena started the scans after Callisi got comfortable, and even made those as detailed as possible and she finished and released Callisi with the freedom to work. "All done."

The cyclopean rabbitess rose when allowed, hopping back to her feet. "Thank you doctor. Will there be anything further or, as they say, am I free to go?"

"Free to go," smiled T'mena. "Dismissed."

And such, Callisi snapped a bit to attention, gave a nod, and turned on a broad heel to make her way out. Precise and sharp, those movements were, as she set off out of medical.





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