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Meeting the young Ensign

Posted on Thu Apr 14th, 2022 @ 3:19am by Ensign Elsa Veillon & Captain James Stewart

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Mission: New Home
Location: Captain's R & R Room
Timeline: 10:00 hours 236904.04


Captain's Ready Room

James sat in his office going over reports of his ship's status and still wondering when the Churchill was going to be given the green light to head off out into the void, as he looked back at his terminal when his door chime sounded, He said "Come" as he rose from his chair and headed over to the replication unit to get a drink.

Ensign Elsa Veillon walked into the captain's ready room, she was on edge, as she was unsure of how she'd be received aboard the USS Winston Churchill, she wasn't exactly 'human' anymore, she was liberated Borg after all. "Ensign Elsa Veillon reporting for duty sir," she told the Captain on entering.

"Ah welcome Ensign to the Churchill," replied James as he Stood up and held his hand out in greeting, "Good to have you onboard," as he looked at the young officer that was starting on her Journey in Starfleet.

"I am honoured to be aboard sir," Elsa Veillon replied having such a welcoming reception made her feel at ease, perhaps things weren't going to be as bad as she imagined.

James replied," what would you Like to drink Ensign?" making the young officer relax as he continued, "and please tell me a bit about yourself?" as he moved over to the replication unit in his office.

"A glass of water thank you, sir," Elsa Veillon replied "I served in Starfleet for two years as a security officer aboard the USS Melbourne-B before I was assimilated, spent the next nine years in the Collective, there isn't a lot else to tell," she added.

"ah," replied James looking back at the Officer, as he asked, "So, how are you getting used to being able to think for yourself again?" as he walked over to the unit to get the drink.

"It takes some getting used to sir, but it is good to be myself again," Elsa Veillon "Not hearing all of the voices inside my head took the longest time to get used to," she added.

"I bet," replied James as he tapped in the commands for the drinks," So, do you need an alcove to regenerate at all? as he knew that he would have to accommodate somewhere for it.

"Yes sir, an alcove was transported here with me, I only need to use it for brief periods of time daily," Elsa Veillon replied "A cargo bay would suffice, as it'd be out of the way," she added.

"Very well, I will get Engineering to install it for you and a Light put over the door when you are using it as not to disturb you," replied James looking back at his half Borg Security officer, he continued "until we get a security chief you are in charge,"

"The warning light would be appreciated sir, it might save some people not in the know walking in and getting an awful shock," Elsa told the Captain "I will do my absolute best as acting Chief of Security sir," she added.

"Very well, I will see that it gets done" replied James looking back at the young woman, he continued "Anything else I need to know Ensign?" as he hoped that she did not possess any of the assimilation tendrils.

"Nothing comes to mind sir," Elsa replied.

James asked her, "Do you have the assimilation tendrils and if you do can I ask a favour," looking back at her, as he knew that if others decided to prank her, he continued," Please don't assimilate anyone even if you are annoyed by them,"

"Yes I have assimilation tubules, they are one of the few parts of a drone that cannot be removed, not unless you plan to remove the arm entirely," Elsa "I won't assimilate anyone, I'd never inflict that untold horror on another soul so long as I live, and am of my own mind," she added.

"I know Ensign, but if you are pestered you can just extend them and put the fear of god into them," James said, as he knew that just showing them would make folk think twice about annoying her, He continued, Just remember, that they need to know that you do not take any shit,"

"I understand sir, I would have thought just seeing me would scare the shit out of them, but I'll keep the tubules as an added deterrent, and don't worry unless they jab into someone they don't post a threat," Elsa told the Captain.

" fair enough Ensign, until we get a security Chief you are in acting Security Chief," replied James looking at the young officer "don't worry you have my backing," as he knew that the young officer would want that.

"I appreciate your support sir," Elsa Veillon told the Captain "Do you have any immediate orders for me?" she asked.

" Just start getting the Security department running and start to drill them," replied James as he knew that they could get their orders soon and wanted the department ready.

"Understood sir," Elsa Veillon told the Captain.

Elsa Veillon left the room feeling a little more cool, calm, and relaxed after the meeting.



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