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A Shock return

Posted on Fri Dec 23rd, 2022 @ 2:36pm by Lieutenant Commander Sherlock Grimes & Captain James Stewart

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Mission: New Home
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: 09:00 hours SD:239604.11

After taking a call from Admiral Jensen, who had informed him of his new Chief Security and Tactical officer was due to arrive, James knew that it had not been the same since Lieutenant Commander Sherlock Grimes had been reassigned and had left the Churchill. But Fate somehow liked to play games with him as his door buzzed.

James Called "Enter"

Sherlock looked up at the doors a moment before stepping inside the ready room. "Captain."

Looking up from his terminal, James stood with his jaw wide open, as he said "Lieutenant Commander Grimes, Welcome back, I take it you're my New Chief Security Officer?" holding out his hand in Greeting as the Admiral had pulled some strings to get him back here.

He took the hand a moment and stepped back a half step, "Tactical first, but yes."

"Oh good," replied James looking back at Grimes, He continued, " the Ensign that not long joined us has been doing a good job, but he needs someone to learn from," as he moved over to the replication unit, he asked," would you like a drink?"

"Who would that be?" Giving a curious look and then finally sitting down on his side of the desk. "Sure, cinnamon whiskey, or Romulan Ale, if it's real."

"Her name is Ensign Elsa Veillon, a freed borg who came on board last week," replied James as he rose from his chair and walked over to the replicator unit and tapped in the commands for the drinks, "She will be having an alcove installed in Cargo bay 3 with a light above the door when she is using it, so please pass it along to the officers," as the unit began to him.

He finished "and any Officer who interferes with the Ensign will suffer the consequences is that Understood," looking back at Sherlock.

He would be quiet for a long moment. After taking a long pull from the glass once it was given to him. Finally saying something. "I see. Then only being an Ensign, I'm going to assume that they are newly freed. So she will need my help. Definitely, not just in her position."

"Thanks, Sherlock," as he knew of his own background, " But I want it made clear that the order is non countermanded," he stated as he knew that pranks would be made or attempted on the young woman, he finished "If the light is red do not enter," as he wanted it made crystal clear.

"Thanks, fine, unless I necessarily have to, and only me."

"Very well," replied James knowing that Sherlock would only do it if he had a good reason and he trusted his Security Chief's instincts, as he knew also that he would not tolerate any pranks of that sort in the department.

There was a slightly expected look to James, and then to the replicator, or one of the desk drawers, as he was offered a drink. "Are you still as trepidatious as you were last time I was here because I'm Borg?"

"No, it was nothing like that Sherlock, I trust you," replied James, he looked back at his Security chief. He asked "was that why you left last time?" as he knew that the officer had quit under a cloud last time.

"I guess it doesn't matter really why I did leave, but I'm here now."

"And am I glad you are back Sherlock" replied James looking back at his Security chief, He continued "I need the Security department up and running before we leave the dock," as he knew that Security had been rather lax these past few weeks.

"It'll be done, actually it should already be since I already went there first."

"Thanks, Sherlock, do you have any questions?" asked James to his Chief of Security as he knew that the ship was still without a CMO at the moment.

"I'm not entirely sure at the moment to be honest, other than, do you have a problem that my focus is more in tactical than security?"

"I need you to get the Security department in line," as he knew that they had been lax in discipline, "If you don't mind pulling double duty?" looking back at Sherlock.

He shook his head, "No, I don't mind, I just wanted you to know. I can kick their asses in gear, Captain."

"Thank you Sherlock for doing that, you are dismissed," replied James looking back at his chief Security/Tactical, " Just get those officers in shape," as he knew that sherlock would be kicking Ass.

"That won't be a problem. I can start with Ensign Veillon first." Sherlock turned around to the doors. "If there's nothing else, sir. This should be interesting since she's a reformed Borg as well.




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