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Inspection and familiarization

Posted on Fri Dec 23rd, 2022 @ 8:49pm by Captain James Stewart & Lieutenant Commander Amelia Gordon

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Mission: New Home
Location: Science labs

Amelia Gordon decided it was a very good idea to perform a preorders inspection of the labs in the science Department. She already had several projects lined up for her department while they would be out on patrol. Hopefully, it would keep them engaged and she was more than willing to entertain any projects they might wish to perform, within reason, of course. She entered the main science labs. Everything was spotless and bright. All equipment was properly stored in its assigned space. She walked among the various stations, performing a limited inventory. She stopped midway into the room at a random station and began opening the storage compartments to check on what was inside. She was actually pleased to find the first compartment contained several PADDS. Those would be assigned to various projects or crews. Next to that, a compartment was filled with various scanners, each calibrated for different areas of science, be it chemistry, biology, or physics. She continued down the row to the end. And turned to look back towards the entrance.

James finally had found a chance to stretch his legs and after the meetings, he decided to check out Churchill's new Science labs, as the last time he had been down here they were still being installed, and hoped that his chief Science officer liked what they found. as he continued to head towards the labs, he felt that he was nearer to going out into the void now that his senior staff was coming together.

Amelia smiled to herself as she looked at how the lab was set up. It was a lot roomier than other labs she had worked in over her career. "This is definitely going to be a good place to get work done, for everyone," she said as she made her way to the smaller office to the side. She liked the fact that the office had a large window that would allow her to keep watch over the various experiments being performed when she had to do the regrettably required reports.

As James entered the room, he said "Commander Gordon, How are you finding the new labs?" he looked around the empty Lab as he knew that these would be soon filled with her teams studying whatever they found on their travels, as he approached his Chief Science officer, he knew that he would have to ask her to double up as CMO for now.

Amelia smiled as she turned to greet Captain Stewart, "The labs are wonderful, and I am looking forward to seeing them put to use for a multitude of scientific projects." She ran a hand over the gleaming lad table where she hoped to run a few of her own experiments in the coming months. "What brings you to my little corner of the ship, Sir?"

"Just getting to know my crew and get to know the layout of my ship," replied James looking at his chief science officer, so, what plans do you have down here?" continued as he knew the ship was not long to leave spacedock.

"Well, that all depends on what adventures we may run into," Amelia replied with a smile, "And of course what projects and experiments the science department decide to take on. " She ran her hand over the shining surface of the lab table, "I am just excited to be here. She's a beautiful ship. I look forward to a long partnership with her and her crew."

" Well, we are going to be heading to DS9 to get staff and supplies, but there will be missions where you will be able to use this equipment" replied James looking at his Chief science officer.

Amelia nodded, "I am certain these labs will see a lot of use over the course of our travels, Sir. I've heard DS9 is quite something. I am looking forward to seeing it for myself." She paused a moment then leaned against the lab table, "I am sure you have other, more important things to do than stand here and chat with me, Sir. Not that I want you to leave, but, like I said, more important things to do."

"Very well, Commander, Carry on," replied James as he knew that she had a lot of things to get sorted within her department before the heavy stuff got going, as he turned and left and began to head towards Main Engineering.



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