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Down but not out

Posted on Fri Apr 14th, 2023 @ 2:06pm by Lieutenant Boris Hendon

613 words; about a 3 minute read

Mission: New Home
Location: Airlock
Timeline: Current


- Harmony Bay Mining colony-

Fear. No matter how they train you at the academy. For whatever scenario you could be faced with. Unless like the vulcans you can bury the emotion.For a human under the threat of an horrifying death.Fear will always come to the surface eventually.

Boris had been in Sickbay when the red alert klaxon went off. The bridge was calling him.

Apparently there had been an explosion on a mining colony. Near to where his vessel was patrolling. They had beamed down a rescue party. Ten minutes later a message came back.

“ =/\= There has been another accident. Your Chief Medical Officer has been injured. =/\=“

Without blinking an eye. He volunteered to head the next rescue team down. It was two seconds after solidifying on the colony's transporter pad. That Boris realized something was very wrong.

“ You the healer?” Hissed a Gorn holding a large knife.

“ Yes. Doctor Hendon..” He said “ What happened to Dr Hens?”

“ He lost his head.” The Gorn said pointing to a far corner.

Boris saw what was laying in the corner and felt sickened.

“ We came here to help you. Why did you do that?” He asked.

“ Never you mind. Fix our leader or your head will be joining his.” The Gorn hissed

So he agreed. Enough people had died. A large Gorn covered in blood lay on a table. A medic was trembling nearby. The Gorns had been busy with her face as punishment. For her inability to help.

As he began Boris could see it was a losing battle. Their leader was too far gone. All he could do was play for time. The longer he could make them think. He was trying to save their leader. The longer his head would stay attached to his body.

The explosion and sounds of phaser fire made him jump. Their Gorn guards moved to kill him and the scared medic. But he held them off.

“ I'm trying to save his life! If you wish your leader to die. Then please remove our heads!” He yelled.

They both did as he said. Until the Gorns were felled by phaser fire. Boris then rushed to help the medic.

“ What about him?” She asked, pointing to the large Gorn on the table.

“” He died before I arrived. Let’s be fixing you up.” Hendon told her.

It was later discovered that the Gorns had crash landed on the colony. Their leader had been injured in the crash. They forced the miners to send the SOS.

Doctor Hendon returned to the ship. With the medic. After giving his wife and children a hug he told them.

“ My dears pack your bags.”

Then he marched to the Captain and floored him with a punch.

“ You never bothered to double check we were safe down there…. You knew the Horns were active in this area!!” Hendon shouted.

A full investigation was carried out. The Captain was blamed for what happened. But Hendon was still demoted back to Lieutenant Junior Grade. He was all set to leave Starfleet in disgust. When his friend Captain James Stewart of the USS Churchill got in touch. He had an opening for Hendon. So Boris agreed to take it.

But for safety reasons Alice and the kids stayed back on Earth. Until Boris settled in his new post. Then he would call them to join him.

The shuttle soon whooshed him away to meet up with his new posting. Once out of the airlock Boris introduced himself.

“ Hendon Boris Hendon. I am the new Assistant Chief Medical Officer.” He said handing over a padd.

Lt.(jg) Boris Hendon
Assistant Medical Officer
USS Churchill


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