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Pre-Flight Operations

Posted on Thu Apr 20th, 2023 @ 8:35pm by Lieutenant Callisi Veera

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Mission: New Home
Location: Operations
Timeline: Prior to medical check in

The doors to the Operations core swished open, and the crewhands on station turned and then snapped up. "Officer on the deck." one called out, and the figure stepped in. Tall, mostly because of her ears, and striking an imposing figure even without. Callisi looked around at the station, at the hands, and gave a nod, "Kutsu." she commented, and even without the notion of a translation the crew seemed to follow.


At ease.

"What's our current status?" she walked over to the nearest operations crew, "Ma'am, we're at full computing. Cooling and intermix are at optimal performance, and we're at fifty eight percent of the initial pre-launch backup of the primary core."

"Excellent." Callisi gave a nod, turning to the core, "Before we leave port, I want to establish a ghost partition. One percent of our storage, out here in the unused sectors of the array. Just in case we need to isolate a viral infection or a hack. Ghost some proxy processes if needed, but I want a defense against cyberwarfare." and the crewman gave a nod, "On it. That'll take about an hour."

"Good, in the meantime, keep up the good work. I'm off to medical to officially arrive and then off to the bridge for the send off." and the crewman looked surprised, "You're, actually GOING to your medical? Sir, there's a long standing tradition of avoiding those. Something of a rite of passage." and Callisi shook her head, "We do things differently where I'm from. Don't worry, I'm not some overlady here to impose my will over you all, but make no mistake, where Ts'usugi Naval procedure provides superior results, I will be instructing each of you in those methods. Starfleet standard becomes the standard, but I don't deal in Standard. I expect more, because more was expected of me. In exchange, I'll fight and die for this department, and I'll support each of you to that end." a casual declaration, but it told volumes about what she had been though to get here. "I'm easy to get along with as long as no one sells me falsities."

"We won't let you down, sir."

She gave a nod, "What's your name?" and he replied, "Jacobson, sir."

"I'm putting you in charge of this project. Make it your hobby until it's done." she gave him a nod before turning on a heel to head out. "Keep in touch, I'd rather hear about bad news then find out about it."

"Understood. We won't let you down." and with that, Callisi walked out. Jacobson turned to the rest of the department and gave a nod, "She's.... not terrible."

"I think she's alright."

"You just like the eyepatch."

"Yeah, it's cool."

Jacobson raised his hand. "She's good people. Snuck a look at her bio. Do not bring up her eyepatch, but from what I hear..........."


Various NPCs by above.


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