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Old friends

Posted on Sun Apr 30th, 2023 @ 11:51pm by Captain James Stewart

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Mission: New Home
Location: Captains ready room
Timeline: Now

[ ON ]

-Captain Ready room.-

Boris followed the Ensign to the Captain's ready room. It had been a while since he had seen his old friend Captain James Stewart. Hendon had known him for a good few years. But once Boris got married and had kids. They drifted apart for a few years.

In fact, until James had contacted him about the Medical post. Boris had never even thought about his friend. The Ensign pressed a switch and the door opened. Hendon walked through.

“ Lieutenant (jg) Dr. Boris Hendon is reporting for duty.” However, once the Ensign had left them alone.

“ James you old scallywag how are you, my friend!” Boris said shaking his friend's hand.

As James looked up from the paperwork that was on his desk, he said” Boris, you made it,” as he stood up and walked around the side of his desk and came to a stop in front of him, he said, “ from you're records I can see that you were demoted to Lieutenant Jg for striking you're a superior officer, is this true?” holding out his hand to shake as he knew command had sent him for the Assistant Chief of medicine, but he had argued with Admiral Jensen that he should be given the Chief medical officers position and a promotion to full Lieutenant.

” Yes he asked for it! We received an SOS signal from Harmony Bay mining colony. But the Captain never double-checked the sensors. There was no cave-in. Gorn pirates had hijacked the colony. Their leader had been badly hurt. We sent down a medical away team. The CMO must have stood up to them. They sliced his off and played football with it. So that is why I punch the Captain out.” Boris said

In the end, she relented and gave him permission to do so, he knew that Boris was going to be shocked at the news and learned that James had pulled some favors to get the rank reinstated, he said, “Well, I have some news for you,” with a grin and hoped that this might cheer him up.

“ Oh really?” Hendon said eagerly.

"Yes my friend I have," replied James as he looked back at his old friend and gave him a smile, continued, " have been speaking with Admiral Jensen and has stuck my neck out for you," as he turned around and walked back to his desk and opened a drawer and took out a small velvet box. he said " Lieutenant Jonuir grade Boris Hendon, I hereby promote you to Full Lieutenant with the position of Chief Medical Officer,"

"What! you can not be serious," replied Boris as he smiled knowing that James really had stuck his neck out for him, He continued " Thank you, sir," as he held his hand out to shake his hand.

"This is your second chance, Boris, don't screw it up," replied James as he hoped that his friend would not muck up the chance and the risk that James had gone through just to get the promotion for Boris, however, James hoped that now having a full medical staff he could depart Space dock.

"Just then his Terminal chirped and James walked around his desk, he opened the channel and a female officer appeared on screen, she said=/\= Sir, do you have Lieutenant Hendon,=/\= he knew that this was some bad news coming his way.

"yes I do Ensign, why do you ask?" he asked the question and he had a funny feeling that Boris was going to be reassigned somewhere else or worse still teach at Starfleet Academy as he had been.

=/\= Sir, it seems the academy has a need for him as one of the Medical staff requires his services=/\= as she looked back at him with a sad look on her face, she continued =/\= The admiral is looking to get you a new CMO a s quickly as possible sir,=/\=

"Thank you, Ensign," replied James as he looked up at his old friend, he said " Looks like you won't be coming with us after all Boris, take care and good luck, Dismissed,"

as he watched his friend leave, he thought to himself oO Why am I so cursed with this command? Oo as his senior staff seemed not to last very long and the only constant one here was his wife, as he sat down to continue his paperwork




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