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Launch Day

Posted on Sun Apr 30th, 2023 @ 11:54pm by Captain James Stewart & Lieutenant Commander Katana Rochelle Stewart & Lieutenant Commander Sherlock Grimes & Lieutenant Commander Amelia Gordon & Lieutenant Callisi Veera & Lieutenant Jamie McGowan & Lieutenant JG Melody Strong

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Mission: New Home
Location: Bridge

oO Today is the day Oo thought James sat in the command chair looking at the screen in front of him, Today was the day that Churchill Launched and finally entered the voìd of Space. "Lieutenant Veera, please retract all moorings and umbilical," he said to the Operations òfficer. as he tapped open a channel to Engineering He said “ Lieutenant McGowen, are the Engines ready?” as he knew they would be.

=/\=Engines report all systems to go, Captain. Warp at your command,=/\= she replied as she tapped a few controls at the pool table. She looked up a moment and watched the crew moving to and fro, busy at their jobs to ensure the launch went smoothly. McGowan smiled at the symphony of people, everyone knowing their jobs, making it work.

"Moorings withdrawn, umbilical disengaged, we're on internal power," Callisi replied from the Operations station. "Free and clear to move."

"Then let's get moving captain. We need to get out of here and on to our next adventure," Katana said, looking at James.

"Helm, one-quarter impulse until clear, then full impulse. Captain course?" Katana said looking at her husband.

Amelia knew they were due to launch and she wanted to see it from the bridge. She stood near the science console on the bridge running a quick diagnostic before they headed out. She looked to the forward viewscreen as the ship began its pre-launch procedures. To say she was excited was putting it rather mildly. Her eyes glittered as she looked at the other officers. "This is a momentous moment I shall not soon forget, "She said out loud to no one in particular.

The turbolift doors opened and Dr Melody Strong stepped into the large command centre of the Luna class USS Churchill. She had only been onboard the ship for a few hours, choosing to spend that time in sickbay ensuring that the medical supplies and equipment were at least adequate for a short time away from any real chance of a restock. Now it seemed that the ship was finally about to dive nose-first into the deep black of space.

"Set course for DS nine" replied James as he knew that he had to pick up supplies and personnel from the Starbase before they made their way to Camalot Starbase.

"DS 9? James weren't we supposed to pick up the supplies here? I mean it would be logical to do so yes?" Katana asked her husband.

"Apparently there was a big cock-up, the USS Stark got given our supplies and only found them halfway there," replied James looking back at his wife, although he was not happy about it, and nor was the Admiral when she informed him.

"Wait a mean to tell me that someone screwed up our supply request?", Katana said angrily.

Callisi turned her attention from her console to the rest of the bridge, "I can't imagine that this is the first time a supply cache was mishandled. I doubt it was malicious, simply a matter of... as we say back in the Empire, 'Wrong Crate, Wrong Gate'."

"We have a workaround, and I've heard interesting things about the ninth Deep Space station. Well, before and after the conflict I mean."

Sherlock gave a glance to Katana, "Oh they did. Won't arrive until Tuesday. Or half my torpedo payload either, and we're already out, so we won't be getting those any time soon."

"Yep, you're right not til Tuesday," replied James as he knew that things had started off badly for the crew, he said "Set course for DS9, warp 6," as he knew that they had to get their supplies and staff before heading to Camalot. as he finished "let's get this ship moving, Engage"

While Amelia watched the procedures to take them out of the dock, she wondered how someone could mess up so badly that they gave supplies to the wrong ship. She really hoped that the supplies she requested were at least being handled properly. She'd hate to see any experiments doomed to failure due to this untimely snafu. She breathed a heavy sigh and then turned to look out to the front viewport. She whispered a line from a classic children's story, "Second star to the right..." As the ship began its journey.

For just a moment, Jamie paused, and smiled, watching the warp core pulse and brighten as they engaged the warp engines. Her arms were crossed, and she was just in the moment. Everything was right on the ship.

"Alright, techies, let's get this ship in tip-top shape!" Jamie said as she got back to work down in engineering.






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