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"Ut Oh!" "What the Hell was That?"

Posted on Sun Sep 3rd, 2023 @ 9:12am by Captain James Stewart & Lieutenant Commander Katana Rochelle Stewart & Lieutenant Commander Sherlock Grimes & Lieutenant Commander Amelia Gordon & Lieutenant Callisi Veera & Lieutenant Jamie McGowan & Lieutenant JG Connor O'Donnel & Ensign Elsa Veillon

1,451 words; about a 7 minute read

Mission: New Home
Location: Bridge

The Churchill was at warp headed to DS9 and all seemed well or was it?

Way down in engineering was a little gremlin playing with controls and consoles. Suddenly the ship dropped from warp tossing people to the deck.

"What the hell was that? Why did we drop from warp like that" Katana howled. "Engineering, what in the name of Kahless happened?" she added.

Getting up, she saw James struggling to get up.

Jamie got hit right on the head, knocking her onto the floor, a ceiling panel falling out of its fixture, and right onto her chest as she fell backward onto the floor, without a hint of grace.

"Ooof!" she exclaimed. "What in the heck?"

Her expression was both confused and angry. **This was supposed to be a top-of-the-line Luna class, and stuff's just randomly falling apart?** she thought.

An angry sigh and she pushed it off her, slamming it into a wall panel, denting it, as she took the hand of Teela, Tjaansz, her trusty Aktevan ensign computer expert. Everyone else was scrambling to their stations, running diagnostics as soon as they got their bearings. Her purple skin blushed a darker shade of purple seeing her friend hurt like that.

"Thanks," she said, rubbing her head. She heard the message and tapped the comm button to reply.

=/\= Bridge, McGowan here,=/\= she replied. =/\=My people are scrambling. Somehow the subspace field collapsed. I triple-checked before we left Spacedock and everything was in perfect working order. =/\=

She tapped a few controls, trying to get a read on things. Another shudder and the impulse engines tried and failed to kick in, like an old 20th-century automobile backfiring.

In the heart of the ship's computer core, Ops was a scene of controlled chaos. Every station was occupied, and a pensive Callisi was almost pacing around the massive computational pillar. Failure after failure was reported, and just as soon as they were patched, another took its place.

"Route life support through the ghost partition," she instructed, and Jacobson complied, delegating the task to another ops handler. Their operational relationship was smooth and efficient, a testimony to the Ts'usugi Naval operations method. She decided on a course, he relayed that decision to where it needed to go.

"Della, route life support through the ghost partition." he mimed the rabbitess, and Della gave a nod. "Yes sir, my task is life support." she complied. This was the crunch, and everyone had a job. New task, new acknowledgement. Nothing like this was ever taught in Starfleet Academy, this was the definition of on-the-job training.

Callisi took a moment to tap her commbadge. "Bridge, this is Callisi in Operations. We're reading systemic failures across the board and patching them or diverting them to unaffected systems as quickly as possible. Life support is in a protected partition and at this moment is not affected by this cascading failure. We are investigating the cause but so far no sign of a worm or any other insidious malware. No cyberwarfare detected." A pause, "This might be a physical issue. Recommend coordinating with Engineering and damage control." she advised, before returning her cyclopean gaze to the issue at hand.

=/\= This is the Captain, keep doing what you can Lieutenant, and keep me informed, Stewart out=/\= replied James as this did not sound good and why had they not done any systems checks before handing the ship over? as he looked back at his wife.

Jamie grabbed the console to steady herself, bracing so she didn't fall as ungracefully as before, and embarrass herself before her staff again. =/\=Bridge, we have no propulsion other than thrusters right now. Subspace inertia will bring us to a dead stop in about 15 seconds or so, but I don't think we can safely go to warp till we find a root cause down here.=/\=

"We kind of noticed, Engineering. What's going on down there?" Sherlock replied to the call since he was on the Bridge.
=/\=I'll let you know as soon as we know, bridge!=/\= she replied, as she cut the line to try to figure out what in space was going on.


James sat at his desk going over the reports from his department heads when suddenly the ship shook sending the stacked PADDS that he had read flying across the room, As he gripped ahold of his desk to steady himself, he thought to himself Oo I know this ship is new, but that should not happen? Oo as he rose from his seat and headed out to the bridge. upon exiting his Ready room James Called " all stations Report"

"Everything from my end is fine, Engineering just called telling us that we have nothing but thrusters at the moment," Sherlock chimed in.

"These failures are coming in faster, sir." Jacobson commented, and Callisi just shook her head, "No, we're running out of alternate routes. If we lose junction Sigma seven seven four, Epsilon Theta ninety-six, or either of those two primary logic gates, we lose half the system. The logic gates are digital, we can reinforce them from here. Those junctions are physical. Send someone to look into them."

"They're on opposite ends of the grid, sir."

"Koku o nageru." she commented, and he shook his head, "If that means what I think it means, let's prioritize Epsilon Theta ninety-six. Anderson. Visual verification of Junction Epsilon Theta ninety-six."

Anderson stood, a burly human from a higher-than-normal gravity world. "Aye. My task is physical verification." he picked up a scanner tricorder on his way out the door.

Jacobson paused as he sent the man out on Callisi's order. "So, does it mean...?"

"Flip a coin, Jacobson. The fairest thing in the cosmos is chaos."

Amelia had been working in the main science labs when the sudden stop threw her backward, first slamming into one of the lab stations then flipping her upside down and into a bulkhead. She had been working alone and when she hit she was knocked out. She wasn't sure how long it had been when her eyes finally opened, and she found herself in an awkward position with lots of broken equipment all around her. She pushed herself upright and groaned. Tapping her com badge =/\= Gordon to the bridge, what just happened? The lab is a total disaster! I might need medical at my location. =/\=

LtJG Connor O'Donnell was sitting in the small office next to Sickbay. He had just finished a counseling session with a crewman who seemed to believe that a female in his division had it out for him. It was his first session and Connor hated to think that either it was true, or the guy was extremely paranoid. Either way, he had his work cut out for him with this one. He has just risen to his feet to check on his sister, Lizbet, who has been his ward since his parents died. He'd taken one step and the next thing he knew he was propelled across the room faster than his legs could have traversed the route. He barely managed to avoid a head-on collision with the wall by tucking and rolling and planting his feet out instead of his head.

"SH.." His first reaction was to check on his sister. Tapping his combadge he waited for a second, but nothing happened. Connor got to his feet and went to the door, which did not open as it should have. "What the frik is going on?" He manhandled the doors open enough the slip through and ran to sickbay. With no coms, people would be arriving in droves and there would need to be teams sent out to locate those who were hurt and not able to walk. It was already pandemonium when he entered. Most of the medical staff was picking themselves off the floor in various states of damage, either to their uniforms or their person.




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